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Trying to be included out a cascade in banning one email client or a different is no easy job. As soon as a celebrity rises up adage Outlook is bad, a celebrity else comes axiom it's good and the other one is bad. And the story goes on and on.

On one hand, email clients like Outlook Convey and (even more) MS Outlook do a exceedingly good job when it comes to user friendliness. What email client allows you to use more options on the agenda, bell ringers, flag wavers and commerce organization tips than MS Outlook?

The ease of use entirely molds on human indolence. That means I would never difficulty about Microsoft Outlook being or not a good email client if it comes as one with my Agency pack that comes as one with Windows that comes all together with my computer.

Here is a different red flag: MS Outlook is not free as long as I'm paying for my Windows license. This be supposed to count when choosing an email client.

Moreover, all is so easy to fit with those cute wizards, and installing sessions are ready surrounded by minutes.

Until. . . well, until I spend an adequate amount of time online, using email, early to catch viruses, worms and other creatures that do bad equipment to computers. If you ever had to do one of the subsequent when using Outlook or Outlook Express:

  • try very hard not to click on a communication area under discussion that looked suspicious; anyway, not exclusive of using a small trick (that used to work for me): urgent Shift, selecting the suspicious communication and then striking Del,
  • try hard not to cliquey some very good and very chief mail all together with the suspicious ones,
  • accept phone calls from exceptionally upset clients accusing you of infecting their computers with God knows what worm (personally got in attention with BugBear),
  • working on an enormously low approach as an cost-effective AV is doing its job scanning, updating, warning, locking etc.
  • delete all your Outlook contacts in order not to develop into communicable for associates and clients in case your mainframe in some way got infected,

. . . then you know what it's like. Both Outlook and Outlook Express, while another applications, with no connected history, have defense as their weakest link. And that's why some citizens beat to other email clients that are said to be more secure.

It is true that most worms are today Outlook dyed-in-the-wool as Outlook has both more users and more confidence holes. It is also true that Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates set defense as a top priority back on 17th January 2002 (it's been just about two years by now). While I don't mean to ban Outlook or Outlook Express, I'd like to decide the best for me, and the best doesn't seem one of the fore mentioned, at the moment.

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