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What is Colossus?

Colossus is software certified to about twenty-five assurance companies to aid in predicting the clearance value of claims. The cover business maintains it is a constructive tool since it considers a great many factors, and the agreement morals are just a range for use in any way the insurer wishes. The claimants' attorneys, on the other hand, argue that the software is only so good as the data input, and we never know what the adjuster has input; that it does not care about interference with average life activities, or other valid indications of pain and distress by and large proved by lay authentication as an alternative of health check acknowledgment (as necessary by Colossus); and that it is NOT just a creation point, but is as a substitute the FINAL WORD ON VALUE that the adjuster has to adhere to, or else risk critical management reviews.

How would you like to know that only a part of all you are affliction will be compensated? If not data are input, how can a cpu count your emotional distress, or the loss of enjoyment of life since you no longer can take long walks with your spouse, or the pain and despair you be diagnosed with each day since your work hurts you and interferes with your healing? But for all of your state of affairs are included, is it fair to calculate all you have suffered and cut down to a buck value based upon some factors that may or may not cogitate your condition?

That is the essence of the Colossus software. It is an crack by some indemnity companies to value claims with no concern at all given to whether or not a jury might award you more than the "average" claimant. They plug in such clothes as break to the vehicles and anticipated duration of conduct and allowable cost of conduct and many other variables and then come up with a come to for the value of the claim. No contemplation at all is given to the boundary of your concrete pain and suffering.

Nor is any consequence at all given to the fact that you might have a job where your injuries cause constant pain, or which slows your medicinal (consider, for exemplar a waitress, or a anyone who has to stand all shift). They do not know, nor do they care, that you cannot hold your baby since of the pain in your neck and back. There is no room in the formula for such information.

But the challenge is that in our system, it is the jury that is assumed to be the basis for influential the value of a claim, and juries do tend to snoop to and believe many of the factors that Colossus ignores. Juries do make a difference based upon whether or not they think the petitioner is believable, or has attributes we value in our society, such as the virtues of honesty, perseverance, humility, or patience, for example.

Colossus has no way to evaluate those affirmative traits, so if you are possessed of everything categorical that is liable to bring you a superior jury verdict, it will not be incorporated in the Colossus valuation. You will have befit a attractive image, no atypical in consider to your categorical characteristics than the charismatic image of any other of thousands of claimants with injuries comparable to yours.

The real conundrum with Colossus is that the adjuster for your claim is just about stuck with the consequences that come out of the computer. Of course of action the cover ballet company will deny this, and will tell the media and the state assurance officer that Colossus is nobody more than an evaluation tool. It just gives a first point, they say, from which the adjuster can move up if the facts of the case merit it. That is not at all true.

The Colossus consequence is a attitude that is increasingly sheltered in, and the adjuster who requests to vary from it since of the facts of an atypical case, had beat be ready to align it. Furthermore, how many times do you think any adjuster annoying to make the cut at an cover circle is going to go to her boss and ask for acquiescence to exceed the Colossus determination of value? Allowing for that her evaluation and merit pay will be based upon how "efficiently" (read that to mean cheaply, or "hard-line") she settles her cases, do you think she will ever go to her boss to ask for more money than allowable by Colossus? Not very likely.

Colossus is a well-kept cloak-and-dagger by the indemnity companies that use it, and they will liable not tell you if they have qualified the software. It is the advertise chief physical injury claims-handling software used by an ever-increasing come to of assurance companies in the world. According to CPU Sciences Corporation, the ballet company which produces Colossus, it is used by more than 50 per cent of the nation's claim adjusters and by more than 300 indemnity companies. Out of the top 20 US Chattels and Injured person Insurers, 13 are using Colossus.

Most claims cover adjusters use cpu software to consider any assurance claim that you make. CSC claims that Colossus can evaluate more than 600 type of injuries based on 10,000 atypical rules. This way, adjusters will achieve a appear from Colossus software and then offer it to you to become peaceful your claim. Assurance companies claim that their adjusters are not necessary to alight surrounded by the optional Colossus calculations, but that is truly nonsense, and ought to be investigated by the nation's assurance commissioners.

How does it work?

Neither assurance companies nor CSC will give away closely how they agree on the Colossus baseline value. Most of Colossus' computation of your claim is based on indemnity data to which you don't have access, and cover companies emphatically do not want past indemnity adjusters to tell no matter which about it either, see the clause from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (http://seattlepi. nwsource. com/local/93800_insurance01. shtml).

However we do know that the value of your claim will be at variance completely from one area to an added and also by the baseline that your cover band has set. For example, auto insurers using the software decide on a come to of closed, already-settled claims from each county in which they do affair to afford the "baseline" arrangement value for each type of injury. For example, an insurer might pick 200 back injury cases from a actual constituency that formerly complete for among $1,000 and $5,000 and enter them into the Colossus program. Based on this past clearance data, Colossus calculates a clearance range for alike claims. For that reason the baseline value will be altered for each insurer.

But who is there to guarantee that the blocked claims preferred truly be a symbol of the norm? Wouldn't it be in the benefit of the cover commerce to "pad" the examination by investment back gossip of high value settlements? There is no cool at all that Colossus represents whatever thing other than what best serves the benefit of the indemnity industry. No one has practiced that the base from which the data are drawn was comparatively and dispassionately constructed.

By using Colossus, most assurance companies will try to lower the value of your claim, and will not take into concern stress, or emotional trauma, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of conglomerate (relationship), incapability to participate in behavior that you used to enjoy, or any add up to of other equipment that a jury will consider. These factors are not accounted for by the Colossus software.

What Ought to You Do?

The first thing to do is to ascertain whether or not the circle you are big business with uses Colossus for any end in its claims process. Here is a list obtained all the way through the media, of companies that will admit to using Colossus for some aim in their claims assessment process.

The next companies are known to authority COLOSSUS:

  • Aetna
  • Allstate (since 1997)
  • American Countrywide Belongings and Martyr (since 1997 in 38 states)
  • American Children Group of Madison (since 1996)
  • Arrow Claims Management (since 1997)
  • AXA Indemnity (based in UK, one of the world's main indemnity group) (2001)
  • Bishopsgate Assurance (since 2000)
  • Explorer Indemnity Ballet company (1997)
  • Farmers Cover Group of Companies (2000)
  • Federated Mutual Cover Band (1998)
  • General Fatality Assurance Companies (1998)
  • Grange Mutual Martyr Companies (1998)
  • Great American Cover Ballet company (1998)
  • Hartford Pecuniary Military (2000)
  • Keystone Cover Companies of Philadelphia
  • Metropolitan Group, Rhode Island Norwich Union
  • Motorist Mutual -American Hardware Cover Group (1998)
  • Ohio Dead person Group of Indemnity Companies (1998)
  • State Auto Cover Companies of Columbus (1996)
  • 20th Century Industries (1997)
  • Travelers/Aetna Acreage Dead person (1996)
  • United Army Sedan Connection (USAA) (1997)
  • Utica Mutual Cover Band (2000)
  • Zurich Not public Assurance (1998)

Therefore, we counsel that you admire assiduously our assistance on this topic to avoid allowing the cover circle an upper hand in answer of your claim. How could this appraisal software allow them the upper hand? First, as familiar above, this is a software code that will churn out a answer that is in favor of the assurance industry. It does not add in factors that may cause real interference with healing, or which may conclusion in many nights of concerned sleep.

Be it the tortfeasor's circle or your own assurance company, if the circle that you are going to deal with for a broad-spectrum costs award has qualified Colossus, we advocate that you believe that in your negotiations. For example, since Colossus produces only an "expected" consequence based upon an "average" from input verdicts and settlements, you would want to call to the awareness of the adjuster any facts that put your job exterior of the norm.

Let's say that you are a waitress and you sustained a soft hankie injury to your neck and low back. No be important how good and caring your checkup behavior or no be relevant how much medicinal you attain from a combine of days off of work, your acclimatize will deteriorate just as soon as you again start hauling those trays full of food or drinks. The consequence of that tray on one side or the other will make your injuries worse, and it will be much more awkward for you to acquire healing.

Another exemplar might be a lone nurse who has to pick up her 11 month old baby frequently. She will be diagnosed with continual pain from her calamity injuries a lot longer than a being who does not or else burden medicinal tissue. Think of how many times a day she has to pick up that child, and what a strain that puts on her neck and back.

Now do you think there is any way that both of these-or like-situations will be sheltered or well thought-out in the Colossus result? Of classes there isn't. This is the old adage of: "Garbage In-Garbage Out". Since the mainframe was not queried or automatic to believe both of these circumstances, then it is your job to give enough in rank to the adjuster to allow her to alter the consequence from Colossus by creation a further set of in order inputs to the program.

What you have to do is to think about your job and come up with some bearing of your case that may be a a small amount atypical than the norm. Then you will make note of that circumstances in a communication to the adjuster and ask her to approve that in her evaluation she will make allowance for your condition notwithstanding the consequence recommended by Colossus. A good store to consult to get such a communication would be a website focused in individual injury claim such as SettlementCentral. Com (http://www. settlementcentral. com)

If she does not respond, or if she does not agree to make allowance for your distinct situation, we be redolent of you warn her that you will write to the assurance commissioner. Again, consult the SettlementCentral. Com website (http://www. settlementcentral. com) as they do endow with a example call letter. As a next step, we advocate that you write to your state indemnity chief and find fault about the use of Colossus. Finally, we think that your state Trial Lawyers Connection may have some in rank or suggestions on legislation to decrease the total trust on Colossus.

Another key to effective with an adjuster who is using Colossus is to make sure your checkup best ever id the whole thing in a way that the software will reward. There are three key essentials to this requirement, and you be in charge of only one of them: the other two are held by your medical doctor (who may not wish to make acceptable documentation) and the adjuster (who may not cooperate to let you know what arrangement is compulsory for in a row to be tacit by Colossus).

You will need the cooperation of the adjuster to tell you what configure would be accommodating to him in being paid you full value for your claim. Ask him about the characteristic of your health records. Which proceedings were most useful, and which account were in effect useless. He ought to be able to tell you. This anyone is not an concrete enemy; he has a job to do in this mission, and so do you; you need each other to make certain the case is established absolutely and amicably.

Solicit the adjuster's cooperation to let you know the detail injuries and detail complaints used to evaluate the claim. Since each ailment and injury must be known in a health article to be well thought-out by Colossus, ask him to help you by forceful you which doctor of medicine needs to make a supplementary best ever in this case.

If you don't have a good health record, you will have to attain a narrative arrive from your doctor, or get him to make detail findings that are translatable to input into Colossus.

Additional in order such as a communication to the cover adjuster about Colossus, correspondence to the indemnity commissioner, and other Colossus references are free for free on our website at: http://www. settlementcentral. com

Jeanine Steele is an chief editor with SettlementCentral. Com

http://www. settlementcentral. com

We are professionals who have assisted victims of individual injury for many years as attorneys, medicinal doctors, chiropractors and other injury care specialists, cover adjusters, legal assistants, health assistants and chiropractic assistants. Now we share our awareness of the arrangement process, for we are passionate in defective to ease the affliction we have seen among individual injury victims - often by means of no fault of their own.

info@settlementcentral. com

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The latest research Bundled Pay Management Software market is comprehensively and Insightful information in the report. The market report contains different ...

Enterprise software is hot — who would have thought?  TechCrunch

Once considered the most boring of topics, enterprise software is now getting infused with such energy that it is arguably the hottest space in tech.

Workforce Management (WFM) Software in Healthcare Market to Witness Huge Growth in 2025: Infor Global Solutions, Kronos, McKesson – All  All Times Tech

Global Workforce Management (WFM) Software in Healthcare Market report analyzes the current trends, through the historical data of various segments and ...

Why the Feds Want to Block a Flight-Booking Software Deal  WIRED

Airline-booking software is the kind of back-office technology that seems like the last thing to attract the attention of antitrust regulators. But airlines complain that ...

Axa Decreases Stock Position in Tableau Software Inc (NYSE:DATA)  TechNewsObserver

Axa cut its stake in shares of Tableau Software Inc (NYSE:DATA) by 34.9% in the second quarter, according to the company in its most recent filing with the ...

Astonishing Growth in Mental Health Software Market Growth with top key vendors like Cerner Corporation, Netsmart Technologies Inc., Core Solutions, Inc., The Echo Group, Valant Medical Solutions Inc., Welligent, Inc., Qualifacts Systems, Inc.  Market Expert

Mental Health Software Markets 2019 Global Industry Research Report provides market size, industry growth, share, development trends, investment plans, ...

Software Ate The World, Now AI Is Eating Software  Forbes

Marc Andreessen famously said that “Software is eating the world” and everyone gushed into the room. This was as much a writing on the wall for many ...

Cyberark Software Ltd (NASDAQ:CYBR) Shares Sold by Advisor Group Inc.  TechNewsObserver

Advisor Group Inc. reduced its stake in Cyberark Software Ltd (NASDAQ:CYBR) by 73.1% in the 2nd quarter, according to its most recent filing with the ...

Time saving software in an age of ever-expanding data  Science Daily

Before embarking on a new research project, a thorough and exhaustive review of existing literature must be done to make sure the new project is novel.

Pass the Antacids for Cloud Software Stocks  Yahoo Finance

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- How do you feel about roller coasters? The nauseating jolt of a theme park ride is a useful metaphor for stock prices of young software ...

Here's How Finance Software Market Growing by 2025 – Intuit, Sage, SAP, Oracle (NetSuite), Microsoft, Infor, Epicor, Workday, Unit4, Xero, Yonyou, Aplicor  Market Expert

Financial software or financial system software is special application software that records all the financial activity within a business organization. Basic features ...

Back To University: Five Bits of Productivity Software Every Student Needs  Gizmodo UK

So, you're off to university and you want some tips and hints on how exactly you can improve your workflow. Given there will likely be a lot of distractions from ...

Cadian Capital Management LP Buys 68,000 Shares of Guidewire Software Inc (NYSE:GWRE)  TechNewsObserver

Cadian Capital Management LP grew its stake in shares of Guidewire Software Inc (NYSE:GWRE) by 16.0% in the second quarter, according to the company in ...

Democratizing Software For The Greater Good  Forbes

Most app development makes people think like machines, and use coding languages that just 2% of the world's population knows. There aren't enough skilled ...

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