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Microsoft Affair Solutions - Great Plains has captured the US promote with its integrated affair applications for small and mid-size organizations. Its all-inclusive accounting and big business management capabilities bestow businesses with tools to convert a number of modules of the Great Plains software. These tools have been proven to have contributed to affair development and tighter charge over its processes.

There are a number of ways in which customization and integration can be useful to Great Plains applications since of its open architecture characteristic. Integrity of data and act of processes can also be validated using one of the many tools as planned in this article. So how do we fulfil the cast doubt on of Customizing Great Plains?


Although Agility requires the user an big awareness in software education (primarily in C/C++ or Pascal) and come across in scripting languages (VBScript, or Dexterity's own draft - SanScript), this proprietary encoding dialect that Great Plains was residential in allows admittance to all of Great Plains capital such as tables, intelligence and scripts. With this access, you can manipulate and classify triggers such as cavity a form or leave-taking a field. Moreover, it can be used to call up procedures and functions and build new applications devoid of interfering with other customizations by now in place and integrate them into Great Plains user edge easily.

Dexterity can be installed using CD #2 that comes with the Great Plains 7. 5 package.

Modifier with VBA

Modifier with VBA is one of the simplest tools to have for end-users and developers alike. It uses collective clear diagram techniques which can be used to alter the development of a Great Plains application. It can be used to move, alter or erase menus in a casement so that you can manipulate the import of each field. It also allows for addendum of new windows or joystick or cleanly rearranging those that exists. This customization tool is safe to use since the first in rank is stored discretely from the bespoke one. Modifications can also be collective with other users. However, disparate Dexterity, it is not optional to coin new applications with Modifier VBA.

Continuum for VBA/Delphi

This tool uses Great Plains as an OLE Server. It captures the VB or Delphi code as queried by the user for macro recording. However, we do not commend it since it is an old technology.

Crystal Reports

Great Plains comes with its own Bang Writer. However, its functionality is limited. Introducing Gemstone Intelligence to Great Plains opens up a whole new world of creating reports. With the use of the Precious stone Account Designer Interface, you can certainly conceive complicated information with formatting and grouping just the way you want it - efficiently done. Grouped data can be summarized and subtotaled and with its drill-down capabilities, the user can view account data in detail.

Crystal Information also came up with a edition for Visual Studio . NET. With all the facial appearance of Gem Gossip 8. 0, the Visual Studio . NET account gives . NET users the flexibility to share in rank and intelligence over the internet. By means of the use of Folder drivers, Gemstone Gossip connects to the Great Plains list and accesses the definite data as queried by the user and selects the tables or views according to the user's proposition.

In Great Plains, the Tables build up can be found in: Tools > Store Depiction > Tables

Direct Web Publishing

If you're looking to announce your Great Plains in sequence over the Internet, then using Visual Studio . NET is the right tool to use. It allows the consumption of Web-based applications and XML Web Air force and can be leveraged by the use of training languages like Visual Basic . NET, Visual C# and Visual J#.


Integrating data from exterior sources, such as your point-of-sale applications, client bond management applications and Web services, to your Great Plains attention is what eConnect is all about. eConnect can filter data or add characters to the affair be against according to the individual diagram. It enables for restrictive the come to of ideals entered in a field or backdrop a defaulting value for the field. Even though eConnect promises integration, it asks for difficult indoctrination skills. It uses a amount of atypical programs as well as Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Basic items and extensible gain foreign language (XML).

Integration Manager

Converting and transferring data (importing) from one folder arrangement (ODBC-compliant) to a Great Plains attention can be done with the use of Integration Manager. This tool enables the end-user to map the data basis to the aim field not including the need to hunt from the catalog tables. SQL queries can also be definite to accompany your integration and data validation. Integration Administrator requires advance encounter with a credentials in folder maintenance, SQL guidelines and VBA or VBScript to name a few.

SQL Queries

Microsoft SQL Ma?tre d'h?tel is a list engine that gives users tools for creating, configuring and maintaining databases. It is integrated candidly into the Great Plains database. Its Query Engine enables you to build statements to call up a variety of in sequence from the database. Even if this is a brawny tool, SQL queries must only be done with practiced hands. One false assertion could wipe out your database.

The downy operations of your commerce depend on YOU. With the right come across and education, these tools for customizing your applications and list can lead your commerce to a beat ground.

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