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RSS (Really Clear-cut Syndication) is a way for a site to broadcast it's updates. RSS readers can read these notifications and ceremony a citation of the updates to you, the user.

It's sort of like having a elite 'inbox' for emails announcing updates to your elected websites.

Many applications and websites aid RSS feeds. You can add RSS feeds to your My Yahoo! page, Firefox has a number of RSS extensions such as Sage, there are sites that deal w/ RSS feeds such as Feedster and FastBuzz. Thunderbird even allows you to set up RSS feeds akin to your inbox.

There are also stand alone applications for RSS feeds like Pluck, RSSReader and SharpReader.

Different readers allow you to subscribe to a feed differently. Using Firefox w/ Sage, for example, you can drag-and-drop the RSS icon into your RSS feed folder and it's done.

What's the benefit?

You can use RSS feeds to see if there's whatever thing new at a given site already visiting the site. This wouldn't be a big help if you only had one RSS feed. However, if you have numerous sites you check routinely, this can cut the time down tremendously.

It gives you more of an 'at-a-glance' view of all your monitored sites. Assume if when you went to click on your bookmark for a site that it also said right then if the site had misrepresented and how.

Also, depending on the RSS bookworm you use, it can tell you when you have a new inform on the site.

Sites with RSS Feeds

There are many sites w/ RSS feeds. To know if a site has an RSS feed, look for an "RSS" link on the site or a button/icon w/ RSS, ATOM or XML on it.

One cool use is to set the RSS feed for a news explore on a site. At Yahoo! News you can explore on a topic in the news and then subscribe to that feed using the XML icon.

A lot of news/info/blog sites have RSS feeds that can help you keep up to date on the info you want.

It's a assembly of tech info that's reorganized regularly. You can see if/when it's been rationalized in your reader, see the title of the updates and a short digest and then come to a decision if you want to load the site or that post or nothing.

Bottom Line

RSS readers allow you to see the most recent updates to sites (and perhaps be notified) at-a-glance lacking having to go to all your sites and load them. It's like peaking into many sites from a definite place.

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