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. NET platform does not aid many inheritance. Do not baffle multilevel inheritance with manifold inheritance. With manifold inheritance we can have a subclass that inherits from two course at the same time.

Let's consider we have an claim that has a class Customers and a new class Vendors. If you required to blend these two lessons into one CustomerVendor class it would be a code of Customers and Vendors just like the diagram below.

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In the above diagram we see how the CustomerVendor class inherits from both of those classes.

Multiple inheritance is center and can be dangerous. The compensation of code re-usage prevail over difficulty is up to your choice.

Multiple inheritance is not supported by VB. NET or . Net platform. As an alternative of numerous inheritance we can use many interfaces to accomplish analogous achieve to numerous inheritance.

In VB. NET all matter have a chief or native interface, which is cool, calm and collected of properties, events, methods or appendage variables acknowledged using Civic keyword. Objects can instigate also derived interfaces by using Execute keyword.

Sometimes it is accommodating for an be against to have more than one interface, allowing us to cooperate with the balk in altered ways. Inheritance allow us to conceive subclasses that are a focused case of the base class.


Sometimes we have a group of matter that are not the similar, but we want to carry out them the same manner. We want all the matter to act as if they are the same, even even if they are different.

We can have some another matter in an application, such as customer, product, account etc. Each aim would have a evade crossing point correct to each characteristic object, and each of them is a atypical class. No actual inheritance is oblique connecting these classes. Let's believe we want to print a certificate for each type of object. In this case we'd like to make them all act as printable object. To accomplish this we can delimit a generic border that would make possible generating a in black and white document. By implementing a conventional edge we are able to write a custom that accepts any article that gear a written document.

To conclude, by implementing compound interfaces in VB. NET , we can attain a comparable achieve to that of compound inheritance.

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