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A LOT OF Redundant FILES.

When you uninstall an item of software, there are commonly a amount of outmoded files left after to encumber up your hard drive. Over the classes of a year or two they can be using beneficial hard drive space that would be beat cool for more chief things.

These files are backups that are generated when software is installed, the aim is not important. All that we need to know is that when the software is un-installed they are no longer required.

To delete them and free up drive space is a clean procedure.

If you are using Windows 98 - ME - or 2000.

Click on Start>Search>For files or folders. Enter your hunt criteria in this case it is . bak (don't fail to remember the dot ahead of bak)

Click on the 'Find now' button.

When the explore is buffed you be supposed to see a amount of . bak files in the domino effect window.

Look assiduously for any files apparent as 'Config. bak' or 'System. bak' It is not advisable to erase these files except you know what you are doing.

It is now safe to erase the left over files using your right mouse do up and 'Delete'.

If you are using Windows XP.

Click start>search.
Click 'Documents'
Enter 'bak' in the exploration field.
Click 'search'.
When the matches act in the consequences window, as above look out for 'Config. bak' and 'System. bak' files. The remainder may be in safety deleted. Don't be scared of your computer. You are in charge.

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