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Microsoft Word is one of the most common administrative center applications that afford many facial appearance such as word processing, web publishing and list creation. Beating into these Word resources, however, is not continually easy and straightforward, exit users baffled and puzzled.

So where can you find out how to achieve these great skin texture in Microsoft Word? Below I have programmed some great, free assets for help with Microsoft Word.

Free Online Exercise Tutorials

There are a digit of websites that offer free online Word guidance tutorials. These education tutorials range from quick tips and tricks, to step-by-step commands with screenshots to video tutorials. To find free online exercise tutorials, do a Google examination (or any other hunt engine for that matter) for [free online guidance tutorials].

Microsoft Corporation's Microsoft Word Doorway and Acquaintance Base

It's constantly good to get in rank first hand from the horse's mouth, right? Well, to find out about Microsoft Word, go to the Microsoft Word doorway of the Microsoft website. There they offer tips and tricks on how to use Microsoft Word, have a huge knowledgebase of commonly asked questions, any connected patches to bring up to date or fix flow claim functionality, and even offer added free downloads of templates and other tools to use with Microsoft Word. You can find the Microsoft Word Doorway of the Microsoft website at http://office. microsoft. com/en-us/FX010857991033. aspx for Windows PC users and http://www. microsoft. com/mac/products/word2004/word2004. aspx?pid=word2004 for Apple Macintosh users.

Computer Help Communiqu? Boards and Forums

People like to help. Pure and simple. Communication boards are proof of this concept. Every day thousands of citizens log onto idea boards and ask questions and catch prompt, free guidance and answers. There are all kinds of letter (bulletin) boards out there that dedicate yourself to in cpu software. One I've found that I like is TekTips. com. They have users from all kinds of mechanical backgrounds with guidance on just about every software appliance imaginable. They call for link to post a communication (most forums and communication boards do), but it is a quick and easy process. There are other mainframe guidance implication boards out there, just do a Google examination for [software forum] and you'll be on your way.

Microsoft Word Instruction CDs

Not too many Microsoft Word instruction CDs are existing for free, but there are few available. For instance, Video Professor offers a wide array of laptop education assets for some of the most all the rage word processing, spreadsheet, list and graphics parcels around. They have Microsoft Word guidance CDs and other guidance CDs for most of the Microsoft Company appliance packages. They offer you one free exercise CD, in the hopes that you will want to buy others. You can find the Video Professor at http://www. videoprofessor. com.

College and Academy Website Searches

Some of the best capital for central processing unit help of any kind are institution and academe websites. They as a rule have directions for faculty and staff on how to do central processing unit functions from the most basic to quite advanced. They also bestow check out shots lots of times that show you step by step how to achieve a actual function. Some colleges have the hottest knowledge like Word XP (2003), but some universities still have Word 2000 or even Word 97, so no affair what account of Microsoft Word you have, there is most possible a free academy or academe reserve where you can find beneficial information.

Microsoft Word's Built-in Help Feature

By far, the quickest place to get help on using Microsoft Word is the built-in feature, Microsoft Word Help. Located on your menu bar, it is easy to admittance and doesn't demand you to leave your house or even have an internet bond or phone line. You can examination in Microsoft Word Help a combine of ways. First, there is the Bureau Assistant, the cute and affable (even from time to time annoying) barely paperclip that appears when you first open Microsoft Word (this appear can be disabled if desired). When you have a cast doubt on on how to act a function, basically click on the active paper clip type in what you are looking for help on and press enter. A list of appropriate suggestions on how to do the functionality that you want to act is displayed.

In addition, the Microsoft Word Help appear offers a extensive knowledgebase of directives on how to act upon Microsoft Word functions. You can examination by drilling down in the Filling section, typing in a difficulty in the Counter Wizard section, or typing in a couch or term in the index divide to see all of the appropriate help directives that are available.

Temporary Employment Agencies

It may seem bizarre to list a impermanent action as a place to get free training, but the chance does exist. Care about this; impermanent agencies (such as Manpower, AppleOne, and Spherion to name a few) want their employees to have skills that are saleable to their clients so that they marketplace that worker and get a contract, hence being paid paid. Lots of jobseekers appearance to the action are missing the skills crucial to get them that a position, and that is not profitable. To get those employees up to speed, they offer free exercise tutorials on some of the most common word dealing out packages. Most of these trainings are computer-based trainings that you have to schedule an appointment to come and learn, but they are self-paced so there is no rush. All you need to do to consume this free instruction is chronicle with a fleeting employment action (mainly ones dedicate yourself to in administrative work) and then schedule an appointment for your free training.

About the Author:

Ramona Davidson has been a Microsoft Word user for over 12 years and has provided help desk and expert assist on Microsoft Company applications for over 10 years.

She runs a Washington DC and Northern Virginia brief employment activity website, DCTempJobs. com, that offers free Microsoft Word online guidance tutorials and other free Microsoft Bureau online guidance tutorials to her site visitors. You can visit her site by going to DCTempJobs. com

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