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You might think you don't need a firewall as windows XP has one built in, but read on for a plain-english clarification why this isn't enough.

Before broadband and cable contacts were customary most ancestors didn't need a personal firewall as they weren't allied to the Internet for extended periods of time.

Every central processing unit that connects to the internet has an IP address. This is like a sort of phone number, and is issued also to an character laptop or to a "gateway" that connects a concealed arrangement to the 'net.

Domestic dial-up internet contacts as usual use a approach called Dynamic IP Addressing where ancestors are issued with a sort of "new identity" every time they connect, so it's challenging to find and argue with an creature computer - Dynamic IP addressing is a bit like having your phone digit alteration every time you use the phone, which makes it challenging for the bad guys to find you.

But the longer you keep a actual "phone number" the more chance there is of a big cheese discovery you and that is why high-speed always-on connections need management with care.

In particular, with "always on" DSL and cable associations you are associated for absolute periods of time which give the attackers more chance of conclusion you if you've got an exposed connection.

In these days of distinctiveness theft and with more and more defense holes being exposed in business-related software it is vital that you have a good firewall if you use a high-speed connection.

You may by now have a firewall, each in a appliance called a "Broadband Router" which goes among your cpu and the Internet or the very basic firewall built in to Windows XP Ceremony Pack 2 and you might think that's all you need.

But there's an added argue that you won't have belief of.

Basic firewalls will tell you, and expectantly care for you if a big cheese is trying to get in. . . . but they won't tell you if a touch is difficult to get out!

That's right! A few spyware and viruses can assume your own information and send it out of your automaton lacking you knowing.

A good firewall will spot these attempts to send stuff out and will warn you, quite perhaps ahead of your Antivirus or Spyware attention notices the problem. Which gives you time to get the badly behaved fixed.

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