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Microsoft CRM has built-in conversion tool, conversely you must doubtless first try third party conversion tool, such as Scribe. It is comparatively exclusive and has bunch of importing capabilities, that you might never use and need. Engrave allows you to map items in font and target, when basis is ACT! for example. If you are just realized the need to load data into CRM - desire delve into Microsoft CRM import tool and Scribe. Here we will depict other choice and possibilities

? Master account import - you can import via MS CRM integration tool. Tools->Import and choice contacts or leads

? Duplication dilemma. In description 1. 2 as well as in 3. 0 (as far as we know) you do not have duplication check and you can import duplicate leads or contacts.

? MS CRM SDK custom data migration. If data import is decisive and you have acceptable finances for the migration - you can ask to MS CRM customization partner who specializes in the composite data import. In MS CRM SDK you can curriculum duplication check, exclusive rules for confidence settings. We have to stress here, that this is not one thousand dollars cast and if you are small company, you ought to stick to Engrave or native MS CRM import tool

? Large Scale MS CRM implementation. For corporate affair collateral might have top priority and migration must be automatic in MS CRM SDK.

? Some expert tips. Post-call-outs. In MS CRM 3. 0 which be supposed to be on the loose in ahead 2006 there are so-called pre-call outs (in account 1. 2 we have only post-call-outs). Pre-call-out must allow to check for duplication, based on your duplication detection criteria and cancel best if it is duplicate contact, balance or lead

If you have a need in large scale data import, you can all the time have us help you with MS CRM SDK data conversion. Give us a call: 866. 528. 0577 or 1. 630. 961. 598, help@albaspectrum. com

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