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Blue Cross and Blue Defense of Hawaii (HMSA) found itself with a briskly getting bigger arrangement and data center. Our association devices, servers, and software were all emergent in complication and we knew that we would have to force expertise to gain develop be in charge of of our IT systems and network. In the past, we confronted the same dilemma that systems administrators in all IT organizations face: weighing the value of down-to-earth monitoring solutions versus expensive, feature-rich endeavor solutions that compel labor intensive maintenance. We attempted to execute a large-scale coordination and complex monitoring box from a major vendor but found the creation was never fully implemented or adopted by the users since of its bossy complexity. We then abruptly implemented an inexpensive, low-end box that provided basic monitoring - but lacked much of the deeper functionality our company required, such as act and claim monitoring.

We knew we had to take a finally new approach. We categorical to arise a set of best practices to guarantee that new hoard in approach and complex monitoring would be successful.

At the core of these best practices are two themes - simplicity and cost-effectiveness HMSA's core best practices rest on five elements:

- Data base monitoring knowledge ought to be Web-based. Web-based expertise simplifies rolling out the system, as no client-side concentration must be installed and upgraded. In addition, administrators can work from any location. Web-based user interfaces are also typically easy to learn, let-up adoption and lowering education costs.

- Monitoring equipment must be standards-based. HMSA chose to adhere to conscientiousness values such as Down-to-earth Exchange ideas Monitoring Protocol (SNMP) in order to simplify setup and installation and to avoid being paid safe and sound into one vendor's solution. For the reason that SNMP is supported by approximately all hardware and software vendors, monitoring a diverse background cool, calm and collected of many foodstuffs is critically simplified.

- Monitoring equipment be supposed to be mechanization determined instead than consulting or manpower intensive. Expending costly and advantageous IT funds on long-term endeavor software projects has proven risky and expensive.

- Data axis operations must be viewed as a commerce process. IT departments tend to look at monitoring know-how as a little that displays trending graphs and sends alarms when there are association problems.

- Monitoring equipment with down-to-earth accredit terms is preferable to food with many add-on or covert modules. To be in command of the costs of a monitoring implementation, a circle needs visibility of up to five or 10 years of ongoing maintenance costs. Many project software vendors' food are poised of many modules and gears that have break away pricing models and compel altered guidance and support. HMSA believes that crop with a amount of machinery tend to be more classy and composite to be adamant over time.

We evaluated more than 15 vendors anti these best practices and found that CITTIO's WatchTower monitoring platform was the bordering fit. Equipped with WatchTower and our biting best carry out approach, we fruitfully deployed enterprise-class classification and exchange ideas monitoring on 500 servers and arrangement plans in a judicious and cost-effective manner. Moreover, we are in advance the accomplish classification check and exchange ideas visibility our large, composite company requires.

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