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For those who are doubtful on the differences concerning the Mozilla container (Netscape is also as good as to Mozilla apart from they're two atypical companies) and Firefox / Thunderbird, here it is:

  • Mozilla is a accomplish embalm gist it comes with email, browser, deal with book, newsgroup, and chat applications integrated.
  • FireFox is a stand-alone browser application. It doesn't have email built-in. There is a chatzilla additional room available.
  • Thunderbird is the stand-alone email application. It doesn't have a browser built-in. The adopt book is included.
  • If you use Mozilla for email and click on a link contained by an email, it will open them in Mozilla not FireFox even when FireFox is the evasion browser.
  • The applications are similar, yet different. The look and feel is different. It requires experiencing it for physically to appreciate this.
  • Commands and skin texture are not identical. For instance, Mozilla has F9 to open the sidebar with search, history, bookmarks, etc. but FireFox only opens Bookmarks and Chronicle in the sidepanel via Ctrl+B and Ctrl+H respectively. There are a few extensions to do more with this.
  • FireFox has fewer options for the reason that it doesn't have other applications integrated with it, which can make it easier to modify.

At this point, Mozilla is narrowing off while Mozilla. org moves ahead with its brightest star, Firefox.

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