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Former Great Plains Software Dynamics/eEnterprise, and presently Microsoft Affair Solutions Great Plains was at the outset intended in the before 1990th as the extendable and modular attention with its proprietary tool: Great Plains Dexterity, printed in C brainwashing expression as a shell. This was admired bias those days -compare with SAP ABAP or Navision C/Side. Great Plains has extra ideas - catalog platform freedom and graphical platform all-embracing crossing point (initially under attack to both Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows with good accidental that one of them will take advertise over - and it did happen, plus the acquisition of Great Plains Software by Microsoft). In this small commentary we'll give you revised overview - you can find before magazine in the last year posts.

? Great Plains Dexterity. Ability is the architecture of Great Plains and it is very awkward to take it out of the picture. So we'll say that if you plan on conception GP module or custom piece for reselling it on the advertise - you must first bear in mind Adroitness as a tool. Ability requires deep guidance and some come across - you can not begin encoding in Adroitness over night. So-called fat client of Great Plains is pure adroitness application, conversely file itself since description 8. 0 is MS SQL Head waiter with some Adroitness information (DEW_ROW_ID column, for example).

? Old Tools. These tools were all the rage in 1990th and associate to such now birthright technologies as OLE, VBA scripting, etc. Choose note that even if C was measured as entire expression - custom scripts were embattled for light customizations and both C and VBA were besieged to adapt fat client - thin client and web border were not known those good old days.

1. VBA/Modifier. Microsoft introduced VBA as scripting for light customization of Microsoft Bureau crop - Excel, Word, etc. Great Plains adopted it for its own needs. It tried to bring into being Dexterity/VBA cross and acceptable Adroitness forms to be adapted via Modifier (Dexterity application) and enabled customized screens to adopt VBA for its fields.

2. Continuum for VB/Dephi. Borland was bright on the customization promote - this is why it also includes Delphi. In Continuum you can code Great Plains workstation as OLE server. For case - you can have Great Plains Integration Executive integrate more than a few companies data one-by-one with computerized sorting in and off lacking operative intrusion - over night for example. Also - you can organize Continuum to beat Adroitness modules (such as Intellisol APOP or Endeavor Accounting) and bring in Adroitness Sanscript code into VBA scripts.

3. ReportWriter. We located RW in this division since it is Agility appliance and is now actively replaced with new tools, such as Gemstone Reports, SQL Reporting, XML & HTML web publishing

? New Tools. In XXI century education world begins to bias for thin and web clients and SQL scripting. eCommerce is a must for retail and comprehensive countrywide businesses and Microsoft Big business Solutions come with these tools:

1. eConnect. As good instrument for eCommerce developer - it allows to create, adjust and obliterate Great Plains bits and pieces - customers, invoices, acquisition orders, payments, account items. It has a number of restrictions - it can adopt core Great Plains stuff (not amazing in previous third party modules - Anthology Management, Customer/Vendor Consolidation, etc. ). Also eConnect can not post SOP, AR, AP, POP papers - redistribution must be done by worker in Great Plains. Nevertheless you can organize redeployment stored procedures, accessible on the promote (through Alba Spectrum for example)

2. Extender. Let's see it in battle in the subsequent year. The idea is actually nice and it allows non-developer to adjust Great Plains screens and place custom logic

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