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For a windows user like me, just can watch with envy the new eye candy skin tone in Mac OS X and wondering how I can have the same attribute on my belove windows.

Before Apple begin dash in their hottest Mac OS X, most of mac users by now can have widget on their desktop using Konfabulator by Pixoria Inc. "Konfabulator is a JavaScript runtime engine for Windows and Mac OS X that lets you run diminutive files called Widgets that can do appealing much doesn't matter what you want them to. Widgets can be alarm clocks, calculators, can tell you your WiFi gesture strength, will fetch the most up-to-date stock quotation marks for your favored symbols, and even give your contemporary local weather. "

And on November 2004, Pixoria has at large Konfabulator 1. 8 for both Mac and Windows platform and its at once bringing its celebrated OS X-based functions (and widgets!) to the omnipresent Windows platform. There is a small cooperation in windows user that love to alteration their duck Windows look to Mac OS X and with the availabilty of Konfabulator to run widgets, some of the talented developers has happening porting Tiger Dash to run on windows using Konfabulator engine and the fallout is tremendous.

And until today, quite a come to of Instrument panel Widgets has being ported to run on windows using Konfabulator and other widget engine like Avedesk, Kapsules, and Stardock DesktopX.

But most of the widgets, has being ported to run on Konfabulator as the flexibility of Konfabulator engine to run a mixture of kind widgets, just like Tiger Dashboard. Planned below, few all the rage widgets that has being ported to windows.

1. Console Weather

Here is my first Konfabulator Widget. After since a preview of Tiger (particularly Dashboard), appraisal about a different for Windows (Konfabulator) and bearing in mind the great work of Saladin and Ghostwalker, I absolute to make my own contribution. So here it is, the konfab clone of the come through widget.

2. World Clock

World Clock Console for Konfabulator. Based on the Konfabulator WorldClock Pro by Ricky.

3. Sticky Notes

Konfabulator clone of the Dash stickies with extras

You can get more Dash Widgets for windows at http://www. osx-e. com/downloads/dashboard/

Samsul Zamzuri Abu Bakar, a. k. a Alang, is a founder/owner of osx-e. com, a site devoted to windows to mac emulation, that has been about for 2 years.

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