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DBxtra goes ASP

Getting to the in order clandestine inside corporate databases has at all times been a badly behaved for all levels of an organization.

IT shops are constantly being short of to be the source of more while having hardly time to accommodate coverage requirements.

This translates into deadlines being short of back, insufficient circle times, outdated information, and lost opportunities.

DBxtra can drastically cut into the time essential to drag in sequence from corporate data sources and release users from the IT bottleneck. DBxtra is committed, and succeeded in on condition that a tool that empowers users to churn out their own intelligence with a clean "no encoding required" approach. With very barely setup, DBxtra painlessly steps a user all through backdrop up projects, between to diffuse data sources, conniving queries and reports, and delivering in sequence all through an enterprise. The whole thing is done all the way through a progression of appliance tabs that gently steps the user all through a set of tasks, much like a workflow or Bed in Defense Wizard. The end artifact is a article that has been bent with nominal crack and bargain cost in man-hours.

Reports can be built and exported in a assortment of formats plus HTML, Microsoft Excel, CSV, XML, or PDF and then manually circulated or merged into bespoke E-mails. Some of these formats being "live" and dynamically coupled to your data sources. Allowing for a austere refresh, for case with Microsoft Excel, to have the bang updated. DBxtra has taken one more step in the dynamic carriage of in rank their most recent release. They have just implemented a new article that allows for the exporting of a account to an Energetic Ma?tre d'h?tel Page (ASP) that can be deployed to your domestic or exterior facing Web Servers.

How Does DBxtra Do It

Now in accumulation to the contemporary category of exposure formats that DBxtra generates, users can now selectively decide on to "Export to ASP". There has been no alteration to the look and feel of DBxtra, the "Export to ASP" is just a different drop down decision you can take benefit of when deploying reports. This means if you are an obtainable DBxtra user you need only contact flow gossip and then export them to ASP. All functionality is maintained such as grouping, aggregations, and connectivity to file sources is maintained.

DBxtra knows that no two implementations are the same and each one has their own ceremony requirements. So after generating the Committed Ma?tre d' Page users are to be found into DBxtra's GUI Designer where another styles may be obligatory on top of the generated Committed Ma?tre d'h?tel Page. This tool is very intuitive, much like any other word computer you might have used. When content with the look and feel of the ASP account a austere save and elective publishing to your web ma?tre d' is provided. At the end of the day fashioned and ported over to the web attendant is an Dynamic Ma?tre d' Page (. asp) that contains Visual Basic Draft (VBScript), file connectivity (ODBC), and accepted HTML, plus a style sheet (. css file) that contains the control done all the way through the GUI Designer. At this point the Dynamic Ma?tre d' Page is free for each one to view. The solution, while being very comprehensive, requires minimum time to bring into being and deploy. That is since DBxtra is committed to a user forthcoming intuitive boundary that allows users to construct domino effect in minutes.

One of the nice skin of DBxtra is the built in store for all your projects, queries, and reports. They just know all users are not developers and thus give a great intuitive tree build up that enables the user to abruptly find before worked on treatment objects. By means of this use of DBxtra's store you will never loose sight of where gossip are, you can at once re-edit a report, and re-deploy your work. Never having to be au fait with and touch high level code such as ASP, HTML, or VBScript code. And you don't need to know how to cope associations to break up databases all the way through ODBC. After all users be supposed to be concentrating on affair requirements, not underlying knowledge that can be implemented by a tool.

This allows for you to abruptly announce beneficial in order in real time for in-house and outer users, lacking ever having to give them true approach to your folder systems. These intelligence can be free irregardless of where your users or corporate users may be. They could be in the office, on the road, or in a atypical country. All they need to do is contact the Effective Ma?tre d'h?tel Page and they have abrupt and in progress information.

If you do not like using a web browser for viewing these reports, DBxtra still maintains the capability to view all hearsay all through their Account Viewer Module that ships with the product.

The Payback of DBxtra & ASP

The biggest charity performance of Effective Attendant Pages is their dynamic character when called from a Web Browser. When requested, the ASP file will be read by the browser and a cycle of orders will be executed. In the case of a DBxtra report, a association will be made to your database, queries will be executed, and then a web page will be rendered to the user. Charitable the user a real-time view of in a row as a substitute of having to application a account that could be outdated when received. Additionally the next payback are skilled by using DBxtra to cause Committed Ma?tre d' Pages.

? DBxtra eliminates the need to learn ASP training by their intuitive article cohort methodology.

? No need to give users admittance to a catalog coordination to query for information. All through a clean web browser clients can see only that in sequence put into reports.

? DBxtra generates the lot mandatory to broadcast intelligence to your Web Servers.

? DBxtra can attach to any ODBC acquiescent database.

? Active Attendant Pages is an conscientiousness most important average that means its durability is open as a viable implementation that will be supported and go on to evolve.

? DBxtra with ASP will enhance the front end web applications briefly and easily. Thus extending the reach of your flow web apparition while bringing legacy, hidden, or be inactive in a row in front of a detainee audience.

? Leverages free infrastructures with negligible if any added costs and is built about a brand of clean scripting languages that are certainly educated and have a large work force at the back of them if extra integration is desired.

DBxtra at a Glance

DBxtra is deliberate for everybody who wants to have the full charge over big business data with bare minimum expenses and efforts. Using the program, you can attach to manifold local and Internet data sources at the same time, conceive queries with brawny expressions and blueprint reports. DBxtra allows you to bond to Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2 and any other file all the way through ODBC. Produced intelligence can be printed, exported to HTML, ASP, Excel, XML or PDF, sent by email or uploaded to an FTP server. Customers will also determine the capability to schedule operations and get them executed automatically. For all its mechanical sophistication, DBxtra is easy to learn and use. Its intuitive interface, certification and tutorials delete all complexities traditionally connected with data querying and reporting.

DBxtra Key Features

- Connect to many databases at the same time;

- Filter, sort and group data in any way;

- Create queries exclusive of SQL knowledge;

- Design authoritative ad hoc gossip in minutes;

- Publish live associated ASP files to an Intranet or Web server - Export to Excel, charts, HTML, PDF, text files, XML and build live digital OLAP dashboards with Excel pivot tables and charts;

- E-mail your data and merge gossip to customers, suppliers and big business contacts;

- Automate your affair administer by scheduling your intelligence and alerts.

Pricing and Availability DBxtra 6. 0 is deliberate for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/NT4/2000/2003 Ma?tre d' and costs $100 (USD) for the Banner copy and $280 (USD) for the Authority edition. Registered customers are allowed to free updates and era mechanical assist for one year after purchase. A 15-day functionally bottomless evaluation edition is existing as a free download at http://www. dbxtra. com/DBxtra/registro. asp.

Product page link: http://www. dbxtra. com
Download link: http://www. dbxtra. com/DBxtra/registro. asp

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