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Microsoft moves to small commerce accounting/retail promote ? stakes and feelings - software


In this small critique we will be looking at the new opportunities for Microsoft Small Affair Ma?tre d'h?tel specialists, but moderately look at the international commerce line of attack and feasible ways of coming ERP modules standardizing and interoperability. This is chief to get into consequence for midsize and large corporate commerce IT conclusion makers. Let's look at the chronology and doable coming development.

? Great Plains Software acquisition. When Microsoft took important arrange on the working approach promote and on the rampage calm and dependable Windows 2000 Server, the next commonsensical step would be receiving into ERP market. Microsoft absolute to try midsize market, and the analyze is almost certainly this - it is wise to coin small accounting as the additional room to Microsoft Office, not to buy accessible small application. In spite of this if you plan to try midmarket - you advance asset a bit reputable with broad client base. Emergent midsize box up from cut might diminish all the resources. As the stake on Great Plains was high - Microsoft produced affair systems sector - Microsoft Great Plains Affair Solutions, later on Great Plains name was taken off and now we see Microsoft Commerce Solutions.

? Navision Software Acquisition. There are numerous opinions among the MBS partners. Making an allowance for the fact that Navision Attain had bright clientele in Europe, and the fact that at this time MBS promotes Navision on the adult years of emerging markets: East Europe, Russia, Brazil - the point of view that Microsoft got very large pool of clients in Europe and one of the goals of Navision acquisition was geographic expansion.

? Axapta. Navision Software was definitely very robust and it was one of the Danish software "dragons" (in the good sense of this word), the other nice circle was MacHanza. We would like here to accept Danish ERP vendors. Axapta was new consequence on the minute of acquisition and it is rich-functionality ERP and so - a rival to SAP, Forewarning Financials, PeopleSoft

? Small Big business Manager/Small Commerce Financials. This was artless way of downsizing the functionality of Great Plains Dynamics/Microsoft Great Plains to gain small big business market. Small Big business Financials is Great Plains Ability on paper accounting package. You see analogous marketing moves from SAP and Foreshadowing sides.

? Small Big business Accounting 2006. It took Microsoft about four years to feel itself comfortable on the ERP advertise already it absolute to construct its own small affair package, under attack to take over bazaar share from QuickBooks, MYOB, PeachTree. Small Affair Accounting 2006 is actually nice application, which is exceptionally integrated with Microsoft Office/Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft is right - adult years of Windows users spend their mainframe time in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel. And it coin accounting application, allowing you to do 50% of work from Microsoft Outlook directly

? Microsoft POS. As you know that there are numerous thousand small retail businesses in the USA, using just one cash chronicle and these folks have to use a lot of small Retail Management applications, which are competing on this bazaar for a long time. And it is a good momentum to take over this unreliable and disordered marketplace present cheap and solid rock solution, effective with POS devises. Please, take into checking account that Microsoft has an added high-end Retail Management approach - Microsoft RMS, which can automate midsize and huge retail supplies and chains.

? Market is taken over? Well - the last flint of Microsoft Small Big business Accounting and Microsoft POS give patron an alternative to stay in Microsoft framework from the ballet company beginning till going communal as a large corporation. This fact would be very challenging to dispense with for such folks out there on the advertise as BestSoftware, SAP, Oracle, Sun.

Andrew Karasev is Chief Knowledge Detective in Alba Spectrum Technologies ( http://www. albaspectrum. com ) - USA countrywide Great Plains, Navision, Axapta, Microsoft CRM customization company, allocation clients in the next industries: Aerospace & Defence, Logistics & Distribution, Luggage forwarding & Transportation, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Blanket & Retail, Education, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Healthcare, Beverages, Conglomerates, Food & Drugs.

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