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Microsoft axapta, navision or great plains: erp collection for large corporation - software


If you would like to pick a touch from Microsoft, or its ERP section - Microsoft Big business Solutions, and in case of large civic company, you must bear in mind these three: Axapta, Navision or Great Plains. We are not chatting about Solomon here, for the reason that it is optional for development organization. You be supposed to in all probability be aware about aspect effect life cycle (or is it new or mature one on the market), list platform, be an average of implementation cycle, archetypal customization requirements, rich vs. banner ERP functionality, etc. Also you ought to get assessment from comparatively objective source, if you are asking to equate somebody, who gear and sells Great Plains - more possible these ancestors will try to prove that you need Great Plains and it is the best fit. On the other hand if you ask large consulting apply with regional offices to make assessment for you - you ought to know that detail regional agency might conduct with greatest autonomy and promote, say Navision only.

? Product Life Cycle. Both Navision and Great Plains be supposed to be measured as mature products, have more than 10 years of flourishing aura on the ERP market. Navision is more accepted in Europe, Navision Software was Denmark based software advancement business - it was bought by Microsoft in the activation of XXI century. Navision is also acquaint with on the US market, nevertheless we'd say it fits to aspect advertise niches. Great Plains Software was also purchased by Microsoft a diminutive bit ahead than Navision Software and GP is historically had first-rate positions in US, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Center East, South Africa, Poland, Pakistan. Axapta is fairly new ERP and its was at large in the creation of XXI century. In spite of this it is especially scaled up for large companies and its sales amplify rapidly.

? Rich vs. Banner Functionality. This is very philosophical question. There are numerous opinions. 1990th were the years, when large affair had to stick to rich functionality ERP: SAP, PeopleSoft, Forewarning Financials. Our judgment on the expectations is that rich functionality is not crucial - you ought to know that light or central size customization is cheaper and more adaptable solution. Also the inimitable affair processes will be common thing and it will be not possible to curriculum rich-functionality module for just a few businesses on the marketplace. Bear in mind dotcom businesses of the late 1990th, that went civic - their affair processes are very inimitable and innovative.

? Database Platform. Navision has native (or C/SIDE) platform as well as it is obtainable on MS SQL Server. Do not be scared of the Native list - it has legendary strength. SQL will give you more integration and treatment options (beyond Jet-Reports) - you can arrange Rock hearsay (without C/ODBC). Great Plains is now (since account 8. 0) on MS SQL Ma?tre d'h?tel only

? Implementation Cycle. Here we see a lot of opinions as well. We accept as true that Great Plains is the easiest to setup and launch. Navision typically requires mid-size customization. Axapta typically requires longer implementation cycle - but again it is more or less new and innovative product.

? Integration with Unix/Linux/Oracle. This is very archetypal ask for large business. We would say that this integration is customarily involuntary on SQL level and XML inbound/outbound streams. So, SQL based ERP ought to be OK.

Good luck and you can all the time seek our help in selection, customization, implementation, integration and support. Call us: 1-866-528-0577 or 1-630-961-5918, help@albaspectrum. com

Andrew Karasev is Chief Expertise Detective in Alba Spectrum Technologies ( http://www. albaspectrum. com ) - USA countrywide Great Plains, Navision, Axapta, Microsoft CRM customization company, allocation clients in the next industries: Aerospace & Defence, Logistics & Distribution, Luggage forwarding & Transportation, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Extensive & Retail, Education, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Healthcare, Beverages, Conglomerates, Food & Drugs.


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