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Just the brain wave of a duel-boot scares many ancestors away, but over the years it's urban into an easier process. Most associates are consecutively Windows, so I'm presumptuous it's your array of preference:

1. Re-install Windows. Look for a three line menu that reads a touch like; Do you want to bed in NTFS. Do you especially want to bed in NTFS. The third line must read, Bed in FAT 32. These are just partitioning schematics.

Note: If you can't locate FAT 32, reboot and look for FAT 32 again. If you don't be a success the agree with time, duplicate until you can locate it. At the flow (07. 27. 05), installs tend to work in this manner. It's there, but you must go by means of this reboot procedure. When you locate FAT 32, fit it. You will see it on a three-line menu, as a rule at the bottom. Establish as usual takes about 30-60 minutes.

After installing Windows, fit the Linux CDs. It must accept your FAT 32 Windows partition. On a three or four line menu broadcast it be supposed to ask you if you want to keep the FAT 32 partition. Click yes. It's that simple, with a good circulation of Linux.

When installing, all the time study the atypical installation screens every time the approach ask you if you want to fit to a, b, c?drives. Copy this in rank on abandon pads, in case of mistakes, is also a good idea. With a good Linux distribution, you be supposed to be able to sail all through the installation with nary a problem.

Patrick Sadler has over 12 years of past Internet experience. He is sole owner of Knowledgeworks, Inc. Knowledgeworks manufactures and produces Developers Linux CDs, specializing on the hottest club versions of the Linux Networking In use Systems. You are able to reach him at the factory website: http://knowledgeworks. org. uk

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