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Microsoft Commerce Solutions CRM data conversion deserves FAQ type of article, where IT colonize could get original directions. Even if it seems as a frivolous task, we would advise you to think about these feasible scenarios: stuff mapping amid your birthright CRM: GoldMine, ACT, Siebel, Lotus Notes Domino. When you think about MS CRM alter over - do you think just to assigning master records: Leads, Contacts, Accounts, or you are accepted wisdom about chronological activities: emails, faxes, calls, appointments, etc?

? MS CRM Import tool. You can import acquaintance and leads using MS CRM import, your cause files ought to be text files and import tool doesn't authenticate duplicates, dirty account and analogous aptitude pitfalls. Well, Import wizard comes free with MS CRM purchase, but in our opinion, you must just go on comprehension and go to the next bullet.

? Scribe. This is the first expert level decision you must consider. The detail of engrave lays in the fact that it has mappings for ACT for case in point and you will need just choose the destination. Again, delight appreciate that each CRM solutions has its own master and commotion stuff categories. Cut ought to resolve 85% of your conversion issues and if not you be supposed to check with scribe. Some issues are not resolvable in scribe: Siebel email attachments, account duplications and others.

? Microsoft CRM SDK. MS CRM SDK is the basic tool to migrate at all is feasible and difficult into MS CRM. Conversely - we have to warn you that in this case we have to do custom data conversion and our programmers commit their time to help you out. We anticipate your input in stuff mapping. Plus you must be ready to allocate extensive time to test the conversion, prior to going live. So, the expectations ought to be set that your have to financial statement 50 hours or more

? Security Model Concerns. Microsoft CRM has cutting edge guarantee model, and technically it can serve up to large corporation with regional and worldwide offices. In this case you by and large arrange matter allocation performance and install teams and role (MS CRM Commerce Units and Sales Territories doesn't allow your CRM users to be in numerous units or at the same time serve a number of territories). If early data conversion requires confidence concern - you must be concerned about MS CRM SDK accost - even if you have to pay advanced price for the conversion. Large affair be supposed to be concerned about the risk of exposing account to illegal employees

? MS CRM Integration. Using MS CRM SDK you can integrate CRM with your third party monetary applications, such as Navision, Axapta, Solomon, Prediction Financials, SAP, PeopleSoft. Software Change Kit allows you to integrate your custom SQL, DB2, Augur or other ODBC and OLEDB criticism application.

Currently we are certain in MS CRM capacity to automate the subsequent industries: Aerospace & Defense, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Marketing & Publishing, Allotment & Logistics, Beverages, Bring Chain Management (SCM), Pharmaceutical, Nonprofit, Healthcare/Hospitals, Wholesale/Retail, Manufacturing/Assembling, Intercontinental Business/Multinational Corporation, Government.

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Andrew Karasev is consultant and CTO in Alba Spectrum Technologies ( http://www. albaspectrum. com ) - Microsoft Affair Solutions partner, allocation clients in Illinois, New York, California, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Virginia, Minnesota, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, Asia, Russia. He is Microsoft Great Plains expert master, Great Plains Dexterity, Microsoft CRM SDK C#. Net, Rock Repots developer. You can reach Andrew: akarasev@albaspectrum. com

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