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XML parser is a software module to read credentials and a means to give contact to their content. XML parser generates a structured tree to come again the outcome to the browser. An XML parser is comparable to a central processing unit that determines the arrangement and properties of the data. An XML parser can read a XML article to conceive an production to engender a exhibit form. There are a amount of parsers free and a few of them are scheduled below:

The Xerces Java Parser

The main applications of the Xerces Java parser is the shop up of the XML-savvy web servers and to make certain the integrity of e-business data uttered in XML.

expat XML parser

The expat XML parser is printed in C and runs on UNIX or W32. The expat XML parser is not a validating computer that is you can use it only to write an XML parser. This parser is contributed by James Clark.

XP and XT

XP is a Java based, XML validating parser and XT is an XSL processor. Both are printed in Java. XP detects all non well fashioned documents. It gives high act and aims to be the best conformant XML parser in Java. On the other hand XT is a set of tools for edifice agenda transformation systems. The tools consist of attractive printing; bundling of systems, tree transformation etc,


Simple API for XML (SAX) was urban by the members of a broadcast mailing list (XML-DEV). It gives an event based accost to XML parsing. It means that in its place of going from node to node, it goes from event to event. SAX is an event obsessed interface. Dealings add in XML tag, detecting errors etc,

XML pull parser

It is optimal for applications that call for fast and a small XML parser. It must be used when all the administer has to be performed cursorily and efficiently to input elements.

XML parser for Java

It runs on any platform where there is Java virtual machine. It is every now and then called XML4J. It has an crossing point which allows you to take a line of XML formatted text, pick the XML tags and use them to dig out the tagged information.

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