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. Net Framework is a platform or advancement background to seamlessly conceive web-applications that are approachable by means of client apparatus from athwart the globe. These web-applications adopt open principles such as eXtensible Chalk up Idiom (XML), HyperText Assigning Protocol (HTTP), and Down-to-earth Balk Admission Protocol (SOAP) to intermingle with applications that are accessible in other platforms.

. Net Framework is platform detached and foreign language independent. This means that . Net Framework allows you to use assorted training languages such as VB. Net, C#, Jscript, VBScript, and Managed C++ and run applications on another platforms such as Unix, Macintosh, and Linux. Moreover, . Net Framework enables you to use a range of off-the-shelf libraries that help the advancement of applications faster, easier, and cheaper. . Net Framework now chains over 20 assorted indoctrination languages.

The argue how . Net Framework ropes so many brainwashing languages is well answered by the idea of Customary Expression Runtime (CLR) engine. The CLR engine, in its place of compiling the code into native code, compiles the code into Microsoft Intermediate Expression (MSIL). The MSIL, a set of instructions, then translates the code into native code. This idea of CLR is hefty in construction . Net Framework, platform and idiom independent. In addition, CLR is dependable for run-time air force such as foreign language integration, collateral enforcement, recollection process, and thread management. Thus, . Net Framework provides a wide infrastructure to construct web-applications. Microsoft has classified . Net Framework into two categories such as CLR and . Net Framework class library.

Common Dialect Runtime: The CLR, as mentioned in the above paragraph, provides customary runtime army to all . Net applications. In addition, the CLR reduces the developer's time to write lengthy code for using skin tone such as life-cycle management, brawny type naming, cross-language exclusion handling, and dynamic cover to turn affair logic into a reusable component.

. Net Framework class library: This class annals includes predefined sets of functionality that developers can use in their own applications. The documentation consists of three key components:


? Windows Forms


The . Net Framework provides a amount of recompense such as fewer lines of code, absolute compilation, ease of deployment, web settings and web. config, and caching. By fewer lines of code, we mean that . Net Framework allows developers to use Web controls, in so doing costs more time in implementing concentration blueprint and the common flow of application. An added critical part of . Net Framework is that all plus Web controls, Web forms, and server-side blocks of code are compiled when a page is requested for compilation. Ease of operation refers to the belief that apparatus in . Net Framework can be compiled on your automaton and then uploaded with all the pages in the /bin directory. Different a web-application in ASP, where pages have to be uploaded and the gears of the pages have to be registered with the in commission system, the machinery in a web-application in . Net Framework need not be registered.

Web settings means the configuration of . Net applications that can be accomplished all through web. config, an XML based file. Since a web. config file is in XML, it is easy to appreciate and it is also programmatically modifiable. When a web. config file is bespoke the automaton detects the changes immediately. This enables quick configuration of . Net applications. Caching is the term used to depict the course of collecting frequently accessed data into recollection for quick retrieval. . Net Framework aid three types of caching: amount produced caching, data caching, and fragment caching.

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