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All your software is stored on a hard-drive. But how about software FOR your hard-drive - confidential disks, partition managers, disk defragmenters? Here is the scoop on the most modern tools.

Paragon Partition Manager

The curriculum is apt for both professionals and home users. Basic partitioning operations are: resize, convert, move, split, copy, and mount partitions. You can fix up by chance deleted partitions. It also offers free space relocation and hard drive defragmenter. It lets you establish numerous break away working systems on one hard drive. The Model Boot Boss is integrated into the package. Smart Partition know-how that performs all operations not including down a free byte of data. Supported file systems are FAT 16/32, NTFS, Ext2/3FS, and ReiserFS.

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Dekart Clandestine Disk

Dekart Clandestine Disk creates one or more virtual disks on your hard drive and/or other outer cargo space devices. Once a user creates a virtual encrypted disk, that disk is assigned a new drive dispatch and appears to the user like any other coordination drive (like the A: or C: drive). When the disk is mounted, the data is by design encrypted and decrypted when the user writes or reads this data respectively. Dekart Concealed Disk encrypts and decrypts all data stored on the encrypted disk with close to no act penalty. When the disk is unmounted, any manually or by cataloguing out of Windows, the acquire data it contains becomes from tip to toe unreadable and barely visible by the working system. Dekart Classified Disk allows you to store your in a row on a host of media such HDD, FDD, CD, CD/R, CD/RW, MO, MD, ZIP-disks, flash drives, all types of flash reminiscence cards, PDAs, and even digital cameras. You have the flexibility to allow manifold users to share a free PC.

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HDD Regeneration

If your hard drive is dented by bad sectors, it is not only becomes unfit for use, but also you risk behind in rank stored on it. If you believe that your hard disk drive is hurt and contains bad sectors, you have difficulties to copy data from your disk, your in service classification is unstable or you powerless to boot to Windows completely - don't rush to throw out your disk and don't think that your central in a row is forever lost. HDD Regenerator will reinforce your hard drive by captivating reversal. As a result, not clear dented in order will be restored. With all this going on, the obtainable in rank will not be lost! HDD Regenerator regenerates hard disk drives exclusively at corporal level. It ignores file classification and can be used with FAT, NTFS or any other file system, and also with unformatted or unpartitioned disks.

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