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Microsoft Great Plains is attractive more and more all the rage and we see new purchases among midsize and large corporations, where, in our opinion, Microsoft SQL Ma?tre d' DB bureaucrat arrange is a must. If you are list bureaucrat and you are part of the conclusion construction team, purchasing Microsoft Affair Solutions Great Plains for your corporation, we would like to set your expectation on the level of SQL knowledge, skills and come into contact with looked-for to assistance Microsoft Great Plains in-house

? Data querying. Microsoft Great Plains has ample ReportWriter, which allows users to conceive and alter offered reports, but the optional tool, and you will soon absorb that if you need especially challenging information (Sales Commissions, Bill of Lading, Sales Order Eminence with Purchasing info, Regional Sales, etc. ) - you need to install Rock Gossip or Rock Enterprise. Rock Article itself is by and large based on the view or stored procedure. So - you ought to be expecting to be comfortable with Great Plains tables architecture and be clever to conceive decide on announcement with compound joins and unions

? Data Repair. You be supposed to be ready to save GP table prior to data repair: choose * into SOP10100_Copy from SOP10100 and then use inform account to fix faulty values. If you need to load SOP10100 back from the help table - first drop DEX_ROW_ID feature and then use: addition into SOP10100 choose * from SOP10100_Copy.

? Backup and Restore. Great Plains has DYNAMICS catalog which food arrangement info, such as users, security, companies, etc. and each ballet company has its own database. You ought to be able to fix up by and large ballet company databases from the backup. This seems to be frivolous routine.

? Technical Support. When you have issues with relocation or need help from Microsoft Affair Solutions Expert Support, you place case because of patron basis and you ought to anticipate the technician give you with SQL scripts to fix your data.

? Some Beneficial Scripts. You need to be able to cancel safe user: cancel action where userid='TOM', also very common is batch recovery script, you need to unlock the batch in SY00500 table: Relocation Classification Master

? Do not expect. Replications (except almost certainly snapshot) - it adds GUID article and then Great Plains Agility runtime can not upgrade the custom-made tables. Referential Integrity is not used, Varchar or NVarchar are not used - the argue is - Adroitness architecture, which was firstly considered with folder autonomy in mind. Logins and admittance management - Great Plains uses its own security, which is translated into SQL logins with encrypted password.

? Moving Great Plains on the new SQL Server. It is often baffling for the DB Admin. Anyway corporal move by means of backups or detach/attach DB you need elite scripts to assigning GP guarantee and users logins, these scripts are free all the way through MBS tech assist or feel free to call you MBS partner.

? Advanced Techniques. If you need to acquaint your GP users on the detail event in GP - such as bill was paid, you can position SQL emailing: xp_send_mail. This course of action could be called in the trigger for the apply payments table.

? Data Integration. XML inbound and outbound streams for the integration stored procedures is befitting defacto standard. Also you ought to be customary with mixed SQL queries: OPENROWSET and allied head waiter conceptions.

Happy implementing! You can all the time application to us to help you with your system. Give as a call 1-630-961-5918 or 1-866-528-0577, help@albaspectrum. com

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