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Microsoft great plains customization recovery & upgrade for large corporation - software


At the end of XX century, in the late 1990th Great Plains Software eEnterprise was acclaimed as one of the boss on the midsize to large corporate ERP market. Due to the character of eEnterprise architecture - it is Great Plains Adroitness based claim and Agility imposes some definite to the folder admittance and table assembly - eEnterprise was business to fairly economical customization. For the duration of the depression time a lot of previous Great Plains Software and then Microsoft Big business Solutions partners also went out of affair or merged with Auditing firms and their Great Plains clients saw this flux and easily blocked yearly enhancement agenda payments and befall so-called stray clients. Today, in 2005 - it is time to upgrade from eEnterprise 6. 0 to Microsoft Great Plains Expert 8. 0. If you have major customization for eEnterprise - you need to appreciate your options ahead of you find your new Microsoft Commerce Solutions VAR of record. In this small critique we will depict you the main steps and options to upgrade Adroitness customization:

? DYNAMICS. DIC with the font code. This is where your customization draft be supposed to be originated from. The character of Adroitness makes the developer to construct so-called Adroitness chunk from this DYNAMICS. DIC with the cause code, in the chunk itself the code is stripped off. You must have this dictionary, if you don't - acquaintance your old VAR and see if a big cheese could give it t you. If you can not find the cause code, then customization must be unspoken and recoded - yes - how sad it might sound.

? VBA / Modifier code. Another to Adroitness customization could be light (or heavy) VBA scripting. Modifier allows you to place new fasten on the Great Plains screens and adopt new and free fields in the VBA code. VBA scripts are located in DYNAMICS. VBA dictionary. This glossary be supposed to be award on each workstation, using the modification. As a rule this code is not encrypted and programmer could consider and upgrade the code. Custom-made forms could be also upgraded. Every so often we see heavy VBA coding, using bit of Continuum, where it switched Adroitness dictionaries and then uses inline Ability sacscript scripting. These customizations, almost certainly careful as very high-skills encoding in the past must be redone.

? Stored Procedures. In eEnterprise, activation with adaptation 5. 0 Adroitness cursors were suggested to alter in the form of stored procedures, and so devolve Agility logic into MS SQL Ma?tre d' scripting. Customarily you need Ability programmer to take a look at your Business or Dynamics databases and tell you which stored procedures are deployed by Agility customization. And you are lucky if they are not encrypted.

? Other custom elements. You may have ReportWriter reports: SOP Long Bill Form, for example. These is a list of upgradeable and no-upgradeable, the last ones be supposed to be redone.

Good luck with customization upgrade and if you have issues or concerns - we are here to help! If you want us to do the job - give us a call 866-528-0577 or 630-961-5918! help@albaspectrum. com

Andrew is Great Plains specialist in Alba Spectrum Technologies ( http://www. albaspectrum. com ) - Microsoft Great Plains, Navision, Microsoft CRM Partner, helping clients in California, Minnesota, Illinois, Washington, Florida, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Canada, UK, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Russia

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