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Four desktop tools to drastically add to your productivity - software


Sticky Notes

http://www. deprice. com/stickynote. htm

With StickyNote 9. 0, you can coin charming 3D notes on your desktop or send them instantaneously over the Internet.

StickyNote also enables you to adhere notes to credentials or windows AND to affix id to your note.

StickyNote eliminates the cover and commotion of maintenance up with the reminders and phone facts that never seem to be where you left them. Not recall scrawl down mail and let StickyNote carry them for you. You can even make specially a note's texture, color and priority with a few clean clicks, and you can set an alarm to have notes arrive on the scene at a a few time or at accepted intervals.

Cute Reminder

http://www. deprice. com/cutereminder. htm

With the help of Cute Reminder software you can certainly coin desktop sticky notes and make reminders for an appointment, birthday, phone call, bill payment, meeting, oil change, TV show and other actions or tasks. Take a pill reminder, break reminder, gift reminder, etc. , and you will never miss whatever thing important. The code consequentially tracks the annals of allied measures and provisions the in a row into archive. By yourself dyed skins, aid for audio files in a number of formats, schedule, between files and Web pages to reminders and printing. The user-friendly crossing point provides comfort at your bureau whether at the company or at home.

Ideal Calendar

http://www. deprice. com/idealcalendar. htm

The IDEAL Calendar allows the user to enclosure an ad nauseam quantity of occasions. The course displays a dialog and plays a sound on the select occasions. The course runs in the coordination tray and contains an adequate amount options to assure any user. The admirable options and user-interface make this code truly ideal.


* Print calendar accurately as you see it (WYSIWYG)

* Choice any image for your backdrop (JPG/GIF/BMP)

* Share occasions over the exchange ideas (Private and Broadcast entries)

* Coin manifold calendars

* Backup/Restore capabilities

* A choice of types of inveterate events

* Plug-ins to add more features. (PDA Export/Import, HTML Calendar, etc. . . )


http://www. deprice. com/speedupmypc. htm

SpeedUpMyPC makes it easier than ever beforehand to optimize your settings, free up resources, and delete supply hogs. With down-to-earth explanations and real-time graphs for all vital arrangement resources, SpeedUpMyPC identifies act bottlenecks in minutes. With a heavy-duty collection of optimization tools, such as RAM recovery, CPU optimization, startup management, and automated crash recovery, SpeedUpMyPC is THE must-have benefit for both beginner and power users.

John loves discovering software "jewels" - laptop applications that in point of fact make the life easier. His small but proven assembly is publically accessible at http://www. deprice. com/desktop. htm

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