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As we could imagine, if you are comprehension this commentary - you are in the certitude building mode, maybe replacing heritage approach with the new one or abandoning also Unix/Mainframe or Apple command for your corporation. In any case, nonentity be supposed to make an external affect on your conclusion - you be supposed to be maximally objective. Let us give you our estimates and the parameters to check on the pool of the achievable ERPs/MRPs.

? Lifecycle. Each concentration has its lifecycle: from foundation and first fighting for the "place under the sun", to growing and then at a snail's pace or hastily declining. Great Plains Software Dynamics, which is prototype of our days Microsoft Great Plains was on the loose in 1994-95 as the first Graphical Accounting/MRP application, effective on the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Plus Great Plains Adroitness - Dynamics platform was considered as both laptop graphical platform as well as file platform autonomous (to some amount of course, in particular when we talk about tuning it to the folder platform for accomplishment reason). So, technically Microsoft Great Plains has 10 years of description and is presently in the adulthood phase.

? Database Platform. Contemporary trends in the IT practical art are biased about trustworthy and accepted file platform. If you look at such effect as SAP (Abap) or Navision (C/Side native database). This is maybe consideration of the forthcoming compound OS harmony: Linux, Windows, Unix systems will coexist communicating via XML (pure text) inbound and outbound streams. We'd say you be supposed to be looking for ERP which sits in the banner database: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DBII, Ingress, Sybase, Unidata. SQL is the survivor and it will stay for a very long time. It must be feasible to query your data via SQL queries - this will make your life easier when you face integration, customization and coverage needs. Microsoft Great Plains uses MS SQL Sever.

? Positions in your country. If you are in the USA - you be supposed to know these facts about Microsoft Big business Solutions. First jewel, that was bought by Microsoft was Great Plains Software, in fact Doug Burgum, GPS guide was old alone of Bill Gates. Few years already acquisition by Microsoft GPS bought Solomon Software, its old and major competitor. At present Microsoft Solomon is under attack to Endeavor Oriented Commerce - Construction, Consulting, etc. Few years after Great Plains acquisition, Microsoft Affair Solutions purchased Denmark based Navision Software. Navision had long aura in the USA, exceptionally in the manufacturing ERP market. But, as we consider - and this is our classified attitude - Navision acquisition permitted Microsoft to gain extensive portion of the European ERP market. We think that if you are in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Average East, Latin America and your are not a construction business - then Great Plains is good abundance for you.

? Industry specifics. Microsoft Great Plains ought to be well thought-out as ERP platform ready for tuning to your big business needs and so, you be supposed to make your conclusion if you would choose customization or purchasing so-called rich-functionality ERP. Great Plains is the platform for the customization. It fits to all the spectrum of industries: apparel, medical, pharmaceutical, distribution, logistics, aerospace, defense, wholesale, metals, chemicals, retail to name a few.

Good luck with selection, implementation, customization and integration and if you have issues or concerns - we are here to help! If you want us to do the job - give us a call 866-528-0577 or 630-961-5918! help@albaspectrum. com

Andrew is Great Plains specialist in Alba Spectrum Technologies ( http://www. albaspectrum. com ) - Microsoft Great Plains, Navision, Microsoft CRM Partner, helping clients in California, Minnesota, Illinois, Washington, Florida, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Canada, UK, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Russia

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