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Corporate erp: microsoft great plains for the plant in brazil ? overview for cio - software


Microsoft Big business Solutions Great Plains as new ERP for corporation corporation manufacturing capability in Brazil.

If your business plans to subcontract manufacturing in Brazil by purchasing accessible ability there, the first step would be to embed new management team and revise big business processes and procedures. The way there comes all the way through the new ERP/accounting classification implementation from scratch. We'll show you the way to apply new coordination on the base of Microsoft Great Plains. You may have two reasons to place Great Plains, first - you circle has Great Plains implemented in the h. q. and this is worldwide policy, be with - if you have high end ERP at the headquarters, such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft - it might be too complex/expensive for Brazilian facility. Looking at the Brazilian ERP software advertise you will find out that the guide there is local ERP attention - Microsiga and it is comparatively easy to execute it there, but you will have expression barriers, plus differences in treatment and tax rules, when you firm up the statements to the corporate report. Let's appraise Microsoft Great Plains option:

? Licensing. You be supposed to be concerned about two options. First, if you host your Brazilian business GP databse in the USA, Europe, Australia, or where your control center is located, you do not need to pay bonus fee to Microsoft Affair Solutions. You may have association carrying out issues, but this is break free consideration. Alba Spectrum Technologies owns Great Plains Brazilian description all the way through our administrative center in Sao Paulo - Enterlogix. com. br. Back up opportunity and this is applicable if you have high end accounting appliance in the H. Q. - you can buy Brazilian description all the way through Enterlogix. com. br and in this case software price would be about half of what you would pay in the USA or Eurozone.

? Localization. Brazil is self-contained large kingdom and people, as well as executives and accountants speaks Brazilian Portuguese there, not essentially English. Plus all the local exposure and documentation, as well as expenses and invoicing must be done in Portuguese. You need confined to a small area adaptation and in the case of Great Plains it is available.

? Implementation. Again, be concerned about that Microsiga holds huge percentage of the Brazilian ERP advertise and the adulthood of local consulting folks are Microsiga gurus, you doubtless have to deal with the global consulting business with the aura in USA, Europe and Sao Paulo/Rio de Janeiro

? Customization. Microsoft Great Plains stays in the low end of the pricing pyramid and so, as a substitute of long implementation cycle you ought to be expecting light or mid-level customization to meet your exclusive affair processes requirements. In this case you need Great Plains Dexterity, Modifier/VBA/Continuum developers, who are functioning on the Brazilian market.

Final words: Brazil is brilliant manufacturing place for brew production, chiefly the one, correlated to fruit juice concentrates, food import to the USA, restaurants suppliers, automakers, in particular in the Salvador area.

Good luck with implementation, customization and integration and if you have issues or concerns - we are here to help! If you want us to do the job - give us a call São Paulo 55-11-3826-3449! help@albaspectrum. com

Andrew is Great Plains specialist in Alba Spectrum Technologies ( http://www. albaspectrum. com ) - Microsoft Great Plains, Navision, Microsoft CRM Partner, helping clients in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Manaus, Lisboa, Coimbra, Porto, Cascais and having locations in numerous states and internationally

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