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The java encoding expression is appropriate more and more common each day. It is the dialect not including which one cannot even hope to a land a job these days. But has a celebrity even wondered how this idiom came about? There are many stories about, many books have been written. Here is my edition (not permitted by Sun Microsystems).

The java training expression originated in Indonesia. It was meant to be used by the tourists that visit that fatherland each year. Why would tourists want to use computer? Well, these are no average tourists. They are rich tourists. Have they not been rich, they would not journey half way about the world to visit this place. Most citizens would be at ease to see just what is existing near by. For example, if you are a texan existing in Dallas, you will visit the stockyards or may be the trinity river park. If you live in New Orleans area, you would see st. mary's bayou. Once in your lifetime, one will almost certainly visit Hawaii or Niagara. But going to Indonesia and its islands, Bali, Java, etc is not for the average people. Anyway, advent back to the cast doubt on why these tourists need to use computer programs. They go there not just to have fun and also get some work done in a fun environment as these ancestors are very critical people.

From the very start java was aimed to be central processing unit independent. That means if you write a course in java in one computer, it be supposed to run in all computers. This was crucial as tourists bring all kinds of computers with them. Some bring Windows machine, some Apple mackintosh. Some of the affluent ones bring Sun head waiter workstations or even a super computer.

Before early to build java they also hunted to see if there have analogous stuff done already. Even although they could find none, they found they can use lots of aspect from some obtainable laguages. One such foreign language they found was C++. C++ was an encroachment over the foreign language called C. In fact, ideas of C++ was by now clandestine in C. In that language, one can increment a variable, say i, by applying the ++ worker e. g. i++. This would become more intense the value of the capricious i by one. If i had a value of 5, it would make it 6, etc. What a vision!

Anyway, advent back to C++, it made an crucial expansion over C by introducing the idea of a class. To absorb class, one has to undestand structure which was before now used in C. The arrange is a group of variables. For example, you have a name, an address, age etc. for any person. In stead of using them separately, in C one can group them all together and call it a person. The author of C++ said there is no need to expose these variables (name, address, etc) to the exterior world. They said these fine points must be hidden from the exterior world. They called this conception encapsulation.

Another chief contribution of C++ was the conception of inheritence. This belief can be best explained by example. Let's go back to the case of the person. A character is very all-purpose concept. There can be many assorted kinds of persons, e. g doctors, lawyers, teachers, or just a bum! But each of these ancestors have a name, an address, age etc. Even a bum has all these. The initiator of C++ belief one can define a base class call being and other curriculum can be consequent from it. In plain english, this would mean, a doctor of medicine is exclusive kind of person, lawyer is another distinctive kind of person. Now the customary attributes of all these kinds of associates can be put in the anyone class and elite attributes can be put in the derivative classes, e. g. hospital for the doctor, court for the lawyer, and naught for the bum.

But C++ was still byzantine with clothes like pointers, remembrance leak and multiple inheritence. The pointer concept was taken from C and it was very messy! The pointer is exceptional type of variable that points to other variables. Since there was no guidelines as to how to use these pointers, it was very easy loose track of them. In a average two thousand lines program, one would normally end up with hundredes of pointers pointing to thousands, some of them are pointers and some just plain variables. Needless to say this made a large course enormously challenging to read and when the programmer left for a further company, they would have no other abundance than to just throw away his program! It was every now and then compulsory to do this even when the programmer was about and very much alive. This is as the pointers he bent exclusive his curriculum had taken a life of their own and defy every crack to predict how the course be supposed to behave. Memory management was also an added weak point of C and C++. The programmer was responsible for cleaning up the reminiscence their course would allocate and use. Failure to do so will consequence in a crash of the whole computer.

Multiple inheritence, even if carefully used, was another appear of C++ which made a programmer's life miserable. It, however, had its use, chiefly in job interviews. This one question, they thought, helped them break the wheat from the chaff.

But C++ still had some nice and austere features, like inheritence, encapsulation, etc. They are a bit one can depict in plain english, something one can describe to a layman. So the author of java absolute to take the good skin tone of inherience, encapsulation, and polymorphism from C++, while discarding the bad skin such as compound inherience, pointers etc. The recollection management was improved in java where the programmer will not be held accountable for recollection management. They can clean up after themselves if they want to get extra credit, but they do not need to. Needless to say all these was great news to the tourists in Indonesia!

Java introduced lot of clarity in notations too. For example, in C++ they would say class doctor:person to mean medical doctor is derivative from person. It is clearly very cryptic. The same job can be expressed in java as class physician extends character , which is much easier to understand. But there are few cumbersome stuff in java too in particular when someone says class bum extends character (my last bum joke)!

Java made an central donation in the graphical user edge (GUI) area. C++ was especially missing in expertise here. They visual C++, but worked only on windows environment. But it did not work in UNIX systems or mackintoshes. Just like other skin of java, this was also believed to be platform independent. This was additional crucial as one can put some hardly GUI on a web page which can be views over the internet. And one cannot charge what kind of computers other will have.

After a while, it was compulsory to call programs from one central processing unit to another computer. To do this, they fashioned J2EE. I am not sure how they came up with the name J2EE. The 'J' of J2EE, of course, means "Java", and I can be reasonably sure '2' stands for 'To'. But I do not know what the 'EE' part is all about, maybe some kind of extension. Or at this point they ran out of names to think of. So they categorical to have one of those just another vague acronyms.

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