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Professional military firm cuts costs and improves productivity with integrated software system.

"I could comply with the government, but I couldn't give managers the in rank they desired to do their jobs," says Shannon Winston, Controller for Apex Environmental.

Apex Environmental, like many certified army firms with a competitive edge, offers a broadly diverse group of air force to both command and ad clients. Supervision and accessing data is dangerous with every contract. In recent times - after years of using many software systems, supplemental spreadsheets, and manually transferring data from one conflicting classification to a different - Apex Environmental purchased and deployed a distinct software arrangement (developed by Wind2 Software - www. wind2. com) that handles the total company and serves both broadcast and classified sector clients with an integrated package. The new coordination streamlines planning, management, and treatment chuck for the intact company. It also helps agreement managers win more contracts, cope them more efficiently, and make them more profitable since it automates the full course - addressing the whole lot from the opening expert bid to the DCAA close-out audit with superior efficiency and reliability.

Business Complexities:

As a across-the-board health, safety, and environmental air force firm, Apex Environmental specializes in consulting and remediation work. The firm's professional, technical, and field experts are located in 10 offices crossways 25 states, and army comprise compliance, environmental assessments, remediation, physical condition and safety, code management, energy management, and in sequence technology.

All clients, of course, demand assiduous tracking, reporting, and invoicing of genuine labor and address development expenses. The company's control clients, however, also call close faithfulness to a host of food as clear by CAS, FAR and DCAA. In running with their authority contracts, Apex staff members must diligently bank account for allowable overhead cost (which can vary by a long way from become infected with to contract); they must abide by austere guidelines for time and deprivation entry; and they must bang development address and overhead charges on pre-approved administration forms.

In addendum to being an environmental consultancy, easily charging fees for expert services, Apex also has a $6 million construction border that performs concrete remediation work in the field. In assist of this division, Apex staff must also alias construction-related behavior -- generating buy orders, running subcontractors, and hiring and paying construction workers.

Searching for Solutions:

Apex Environmental has attempted to carry out this center mix of data tracking and coverage necessities in a brand of ways over the years. At some point in its first few years in business, the firm used a handbook record-keeping system. Abruptly outgrowing the guide system, band leaders purchased a basic accounting curriculum in an endeavor to automate the operation. That code managed the economic aspects of the business, but it accessible no aid for the legislative treatment requirements.

Thinking they had found the answer, Apex purchased an accounting arrangement intended explicitly for administration contractors. While this agenda did a advance job of organization in sequence desired for authority reporting, its endeavor management and common treatment capabilities were weak. In an crack to make up for the lack of functionality in the accounting software, administrative center personnel used quite a few worksheet and word dealing out programs to breed gossip and other credentials in the formats they needed. As a result, staff members were constantly re-entering data from the accounting arrangement into these supplementary programs - a time-consuming and frustrating duplication of effort.

"I could assure the government, but I couldn't give managers the in order they desirable to do their jobs," says Shannon Winston, Controller for Apex Environmental.

When the firm certain to interchange this piece-meal coordination with a more brawny and convenient software system, the most critical must for the new software was flexibility.

"We didn't want altered software for altered types of work," explains Winston. "The software we were looking for had to have the flexibility to do the lot we desirable it to do on both classified and government-sector work. "

Cost was a different consideration. Apex leaders sought a arrangement that could meet all flow needs, develop its functionality to meet expectations needs, and still sell for a all right price. The business easily did not want to spend $100,000 for a software system, even one that could code name their needs.

Meeting Become infected with Food and Big business Goals:

After broad investigation and effect comparisons, Apex Environmental decision-makers chose a commerce coordination from Wind2 Software that fully integrates broad accounting functions with development invoicing and reporting, financial statement control, profit analysis, member of staff management, cost bid development, balance sheet receivable tracking, and control agree to management. The classification is adaptable an adequate amount of to alias the company's mix of clients and behavior today, and its scalability makes it accomplished of doing more as the business grows.

"We desired an appliance that would let us focus on being a smart commerce first, while still conduct our authority become infected with aspect needs completely," says Winston. "Wind2 enables us to efficiently code name all of the necessities of our federal, state and local control projects, lacking sacrificing good, solid and clean affair practices. That flexibility is especially what makes this course so well able to a business like ours that has so many altered actions and a mix of control and classified sector work. "

Like all command contractors, Apex Environmental must comply with all authority accounting food (e. g. , FAR, CAS, Incurred Cost proposals, DCAA guidance) and arrange for authority audits. According to Winston, the band is reduction hundreds of man-hours every month by eliminating the use of spreadsheets and down-to-earth accounting software to meet the stringent audit and exposure necessities of their authority contracts. These capital are now freed to aid ongoing work and to land new contracts.

Apex's new software is fully equipped to meet the 17 become infected with and billing types clear by DCAA, counting fixed price, cost-plus, and time and materials. It addresses "Other Transaction Authority" (OTA) contracts and handles timekeeping practices, absolute and indirect costs, overhead and G&A rates, unallowable costs, pre-award costs, incurred cost proposals and invoicing properly.

Within two months of installing the new software, Apex was able to cut its balance sheet owed staff all the way through abrasion from six citizens to five. Staff members no longer need to manually assess cost rates or enter data into two systems to get ready reports. And they have abrupt approach to pecuniary and endeavor data that has been unavailable to them in the past.

Winston explains it this way: "When a vendor calls asking about a payment, staff members can now query the catalog to find the answer. In its place of penetrating by means of old hard copy hearsay and files, we cleanly find the vendor best and drill down into the file to see all the connected invoices and payments. "

According to Winston, Apex Environmental now has the coordination it needs to carry out its byzantine spectrum of control and concealed sector work. And circle leaders know that as their affair continues to grow and evolve, the Wind2 system's inherent flexibility and scalability will let them develop its functionality in any command they chose to go.

Case study provided by Wind2 Software, Inc. in conjunction with Virtual Bond Manager, LLC (www. virtualcontractmanager. com). Wind2 has more than 3,000 client companies in North America, Wind2 delivers software solutions for authority agreement management, timekeeping, become infected with costing, billing, development management, monetary accounting, client association management, and marketing automation. Contact: Nicholas T. Bettis, Tel: 800-779-4632. Fax: 970-493-4578. E-mail: nbettis@wind2. com. www. wind2. com

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