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The cloak-and-dagger of the layer styles dialogue - software


When you double-click a layer in the Layer Palette, you will admission the Layer Style dialogue box. Here, you can set many eye-catching layer styles such as Bevel & Emboss, Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, etc.

The minor known classified of the Layer Style dialogue is that when you move it out of the way so that you can view your canvas, you can essentially check the attitude of your flow layer style with your mouse by dragging it!

The above practice works for these layer styles:

Drop Shadow

Let us start by applying Drop Shadow to a layer. After you have tartan the Drop Shadow checkbox, drag your Layer Style dialogue out of the way to view your be against on the canvas. Now, just attitude your mouse everyplace beyond of the dialogue box and drag!

Notice that as you drag, the drop shadow will abide by the mouse as if it were a layer below your object! The morals for angle and detachment will change automatically. This holds true for Inner Shadow too!


For the Satin layer style, this performance will be in command of the Detachment and Angle principles of your satin effect. The earlier you drag your mouse towards the centre of your object, the larger the Aloofness value. The Angle value is adjusted according to your mouse attitude at the outer limits of your object.

Gradient Overlay

For the Hill Place on top layer style, this gearshift the "centre of the gradient". Just drag the ascent to set the attitude of the hill overlay.

Pattern Overlay

For the Archetype Cover layer style, this method sets the offset of the pattern.

For Unsupported Layer Styles. . .

For layer styles that are not supported by this technique, dragging your mouse out of the dialogue box will pan the layer to change the view of the canvas. You can also Zoom In/Zoom Out while in the Layer Style dialogue; just press the CTRL + PLUS SIGN or CTRL + MINUS SIGN combinations to zoom in/zoom out.

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