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I've been effective in the Cisco Qualifications track for four years, running my way from the CCNA to the in demand Cisco Practiced Internetwork Connoisseur title, and at some point in that time I've conducted job interviews and casual conversations with hundreds of CCNAs and CCNA candidates.

The CCNA is an exciting establishment to your Cisco career, but just having the official recognition austerely isn't enough. A recruiter or interviewer isn't going to be impressed just with the cert; you've got to have some real-world data to back it up.

I've been down that road myself, and sat on both sides of the CCNA job interview table. With that in mind, I'd like to offer to you some tips on appropriate a truly costly and employable CCNA.

Get some hands-on experience. I know the trap well; you can't get encounter until you get a CCNA, and you can't get a CCNA not including real experience. Well, actually, you can, but do you want to? Operational on simulators is fine to a a variety of extent, but don't make the classic confuse of depending on them. I've seen a load of CCNAs who were put in front of a set of routers and especially didn't know what to do or how to put all together a down-to-earth configuration, and had NO idea how to begin troubleshooting.

There are CCNA lessons that offer you the accidental to work with conscientiousness experts on real Cisco equipment. Away from that, you can put as one your own CCNA rack for less than $1000 by export used routers. Some citizens think that's a lot of money, but this is the foundation of your career. Treat it that way. The work you do now is the most crucial work you'll ever do. Do it on real Cisco equipment. The skills I cultured as a CCNA helped me all the way up to the CCIE.

Besides, after you get your CCNA (and after that, expectantly you'll decide to pursue the CCNP), you can at all times get some of your money back by promotion the equipment. The hands-on come into contact with you gain this way is invaluable.

Know twofold math. Do NOT go the easy route of memorizing a subnet mask chart for the CCNA exam. I know some associates brag about being able to pass the CCNA exam devoid of especially accepting twofold math. I've seen those citizens on the other side of the interview table, and they're not laughing when I ask them to do a subnetting question. They're not laughing when they can't defend or conceive a VLSM scheme. That chart does nil to help you appreciate what's going on.

If you can add and know the alteration connecting a one and a zero, you can do twofold math. Don't let the name bully you. Develop into a REAL CCNA -- learn twofold math !

Run "show" and "debug" commands. No information help you truly appreciate how effects work in a Cisco association than show and debug commands. As you advancement all the way through the Cisco documentation ranks, you'll be glad you in progress using these at the CCNA level.

Do you need to know these orders for the exam? In all probability not. Do you need them to be successul in the real world? Absolutely.

The Cisco qualifications track has been great to me, and it can boost your career as well, whether you stop at the CCNA, CCNP, or go all the way to the CCIE. It's the skills you arise today that will truly make you a networking engineer. Don't take shortcuts or get the bearing of "just death the exam".

It's what you accomplish after the exam that counts, and it's the work you put in before passing the exam that makes those achievements possible.

Good luck !

Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933

Chris Bryant, CCIE (TM) #12933, has been dynamic in the Cisco official recognition area for years. He worked his way up from the CCNA to the CCIE, and knows what CCNA and CCNP candidates need to know to be effectual on the job and in the exam room.

He is the owner of http://www. thebryantadvantage. com, where he teaches CCNA and CCNP courses to small groups of exam candidates, ensuring they each catch the creature concentration they deserve. Module are free over the Internet and in choose cities. Chris has custom-written the Study Guide and Lab Manual used in each avenue - no third-party education supplies or simulators are used. You're invited to visit our site and check out our CCNA and CCNP courses and study aids, and to sign up for our weekly newsletter on paper for myself by Chris. Chris is at all times glad to hear from Cisco documentation candidates at chris@thebryantadvantage. com.


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