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The Software 2005 consultation is now a wrap. This conference, obtainable by M. R. Rangaswami and The Sandhill Group, is now an twelve-monthly event and attendance amplified 35% this year over 2004. It is an ideal break for those in the endeavor software activity to see what's new and what's coming, as well as to catch up with old colleagues and make new connections. It is also a accurate forum for startups to gain exposure as well as beseech funding and key partnerships.

According to Sandhill, there were 1500 attendees this year, as well as 100 press and 100 VCs. Half of those in attendance were CEOs. We covered a add up to of them, plus entrepeneur/CEO (now a VC) Ken Ross, Indus CEO Greg Dukat, Composite SW and entrepeneur Jim Green, earlier webMethods CEO Phillip Merrick, and a host of others.

M. R. has a rolodex that any person would die for, and he put it to good use in attracting the top executives from major endeavor software and military companies such as Oracle, Intuit, McKinsey and others for central addresses. There were also a amount of breakout tracks on the hottest trends in our industry, plus SaaS, open basis and offshoring.

There were a fasten of exceptional forums made existing for decide on startups. together with the Launch and the Funding Forum, where startups were given a fixed quantity of time to acquaint with their affair plan to investors, who were invited back to the congress floor for added deliberations if interested. Mark Cosway, a component of our board of advisors and Head of ActStream Technologies, participated in Launch, and reported new contacts with a digit of fascinated investors.

After captivating in this conference, we think that it is safe to say that endeavor software as an commerce is 'cautiously optimistic'. Venture money are alternative up, M&A commotion is growing, and the general buzz was a good one, after the last 4-5 years of doom and gloom. Many of the colonize that we talked to had taken long sabbaticals after the dot-com bust, and are just now receiving back in the game.

All in all, the affection was that it is a good time to be in the software and in a row expertise business. We hope they're right - we definitely feel that way.

Ash Seha is a partner at The Launch Factory LLP, a consultancy specializing in marketing, sales, and artifact management approach for software and IT companies. Their expertise, garnered from such IT highflyers as i2, webMethods, SAP, and Baan, is paying attention on contravention the cyst bariers that stand concerning high-growth software and IT companies and their revenue and marketshare goals.

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