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While Ukraine is apt a new common IT outsourcing destination, there are still many myths about it and no clear agreement of the opportunities outsourcing to Ukraine can present. Let us look carefully at some of those myths and find out whether there is any truth after them.

Myth No. 1 - Ukraine is politically unstable

This myth has seen its rise in November-December 2004 at some stage in the procedures about the presidential elections that led to the Carroty Revolution. However, presently there are no basis for concerns. All through the Carroty Revolution, the Ukrainian ancestors have shown their attentiveness to the elected ideals and banned the worst scenario from happening, bringing the legitimately selected leader to the power. The new Ukrainian command has noticeably uttered its intentions to move towards the goal of fusion the EU and is construction commonsensical steps in that direction. The generally biased job in the fatherland is calm and predictable. Contrasting some all the rage Asian outsourcing destinations, there have never been any threats of terrorist acts in Ukraine.

But even at some point in the most crucial procedures in November and December, no danger existed for the clients of the Ukrainian outsourcing air force providers. There were no power shortages, Internet and car phone lines functioned as usual, and no hazard was posed to the outsourced project. Many companies did join the general air strike that was going on, but the most urgent tasks could still be done uninterrupted. Ukraine has proved that it is a elegant 21-century European nation.

Myth No. 2 - Ukraine's IT infrastructure is poorly developed

Ukraine's IT infrastructure is fast developing. As the hot delve into conducted by the Ukrainian Classless Initiatives Fund and Kiev Worldwide Sociology Institute has shown, 13. 1% of Ukrainians have a computer. 14% use Internet and/or email any at home or at work. Internet connectivity, being one of the core concerns, is also budding rapidly. Telecom is one of the best budding markets in Ukraine, and fibre optics are incessantly being laid and new companies are frequently aperture new connectivity services, which incessantly lowers cost. For example, monthly fees for a DSL link are lower in Ukraine than in India. It is careful crucial for an IT ballet company to have a broadband Internet bond and more than a few car phone lines. Furthermore, there is no lack in high class hardware, and IT companies give their advance teams with powerful, current computers and servers.

Myth No. 3 - Ukraine is software pirates' paradise

WTO ascension is a top 2005 priority for Ukraine's government. As Ukraine moves towards this, its intellectual assets laws are being revised to comply with WTO standards. While a lot of concealed users may still be using the cheap pirated copies of the most common software food on their home computers, companies focused in software change are under acute control, and to avoid evils with law, switching or have switched to approved products. Those companies who can't allow the price of more exclusive software crop decide Open Basis solutions, but the badly behaved is being tackled in one way or an added anyway. Ukrainian companies are looking to work with authorization and don't want to risk their good reputation.

Moreover, a large part of authority software aimed explicitly at software developers has never been accessible as pirated copies in Ukraine, hence it has all the time been used in its legal, accredited form (take IBM RationalTM goods as an example, as well as many others).

Myth No. 4 - Ukraine is not assured when it comes to aware information

Special procedures must be taken to keep aware in sequence no affair where your cast is developed. However, according to the hot reports, India is much more hazardous than Ukraine when it comes to easily upset in a row leaks or theft. While it is reported that it is challenging to run backdrop checks on employees in India, it is not that difficult in Ukraine. It has be converted into a conventional custom in Ukraine for the outsourcing customers to sign NDAs with every appendage of the change team. Extra confidence policies can also be implemented to guard your easily upset data.

Myth No. 5 - Ukraine's IT sector lacks aid from the government

The new Ukrainian command is screening its acute activity and aid to distant money into the country's cost-cutting and worldwide cooperation. While Ukraine moves towards fusion the EU and WTO, the laws, counting those cover the IP issues, are being revised to conceive develop location for the economy's advance and growth. This applies to the software advancement as well, IT being the most briskly increasing sphere of the Ukrainian economics.

According to the reports, the degree of export of Ukrainian IT air force and food rose by US$ 40 million or 57% to US$ 110 million in 2004. The export of the IT sector of the Ukrainian belt-tightening exercise is the most dynamically developing. At the same time, the total amount of IT specialists working on the bazaar reached 15,000 en route for the end of 2004. This was an augment of 50%, compared with 2003.

Myth No. 6 - Ukraine's IT personnel is cheap

Ukraine's IT salaries level used to be low, but as the country's budget develops and integrates into the European and world market, it is growing, even despite the fact that it is still lower than the salaries of EU and US IT specialists. The Ukrainian programmers possess high level of edification and skills, as the IT sphere of the Ukrainian cheap develops the call for for them increases, hence their abundantly intellectual labour cannot be cheap. However, outsourcing customers need to apprehend that cheap staff is not a good basis to desire an outsourcing provider, as it is liable to cause tribulations in the long run that will lead to an add to in expenses as an alternative of savings. The argue at the back many outsourcing failures is in point of fact the customers going for cheap labor force and administration the condition and efficiency issues.

Outsourcing is seen as a way to cut down the change costs, but this ought to not be done at the amount of the developers' salaries and therefore, quality. There are beat and more efficient ways to save. If a circle employs method allowing for nearer development, advance attribute find code, automated code generation, less developers involved, etc. , this in reality does bring down the education costs while still on condition that a satisfactory software solution.

Myth No. 7 - The foreign language and cultural barrier

It is definitely central to be able to be in touch with your outsourcing advance team on a level allowing for a downy advance process, and the foreign language and civilization differences can be an obstacle.

However, Ukraine is a European nation, and the mentality of citizens does not be different completely from that of your country, be it everywhere in Western Europe or the US. There is no arresting differentiation as you would bump into in some Asian countries. Besides, ahead of outsourcing software advance came to Ukraine on a large scale, many Ukrainian IT specialists used to go to the Western Europe and USA and work for IT companies there, which means they are comfortable with the attempt conventional for Europe and America and the procedures used for software advancement in those companies. Moreover, assorted intercontinental agencies are now contribution courses in management as long as compulsory management skills to the Ukrainian specialists. Thus, all the affair processes in a advance team can be methodical according to the worldwide standards.

While English is not the native expression to the Ukrainian developers, this issue is also being actively dealt with. English is the dialect of alternative in the universities and in the schools it is now necessary from an early age. More than a few universities are conducting their full programs in English. Oral and on paper comprehension is high among software engineers, given the quantity of text they have to read for their amount and work programs and the sum of English expression indoctrination accessible in the country. Communicating with the Ukrainian developers all the way through online chats, immediate messaging and e-mail in English must not be a problem. While not all the change team members might be absolutely fluent in English, those who commune candidly with the intercontinental customers will speak, read and write in English at the apposite level. Many companies conduct in-house English expression education programs to advance the idiom skills of their personnel. Specialists discourse other languages, such as French or German, can also be found, although these languages are not as admired as English.

So as we see, not the whole thing looks as bad as it can be assumed. Care be supposed to be taken when development an outsourcing deal, as is in any commerce move, but if done wisely, outsourcing to Ukraine can leave you fulfilled and meet your expectations.

Julia Lukianova has quite a few years of come across in the outsourcing software advance big business in Ukraine. She is a marketing boss of Metasoft Ltd. (http://www. metasoft. com. ua)

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