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In our small critique we'll bear in mind Microsoft Affair Solutions Great Plains Sales Order Giving out module as eCommerce backend. Plus we'll cover what is achievable and impracticable in eConnect and why. Microsoft Great Plains is one of the most admired ERP in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Average East, Latin America, UK and South Africa. Due to the MBS plan - Great Plains Dynamics was pulled from other markets, such as continental Europe (Germany, France, Russia) - where Navision and Axapta are the promoted and suggested solutions. If you have Navision or Axapta - choose read our publications on these foodstuffs on Alba Spectrum Technologies book site.

? Great Plains Platform - Great Plains Software Dynamics is in black and white on GPS proprietary platform in Adroitness code language. Agility is based on very astute claim change beliefs - ERP appliance will stay decades if it is all-embracing from the graphical laptop ecosystem and file platform. Back in 1992 C brainwashing expression was alleged to be the redeemer and be cross-platform.

? Great Plains Architecture. Here we need to give you highlights on Great Plains Dynamics first design. All-purpose Ledger (GL) was future as core module, then you see modules, relocation completely to GL: Receivables Management (RM), Payables Management (PM), Payroll, List Control. The next level - modules, relocation to GL by means of other modules: Sales Order Doling out (through The books Receivable), Buy Order Dealing out (through Balance sheet Payables), etc. The be with attitude - Great Plains would never allow you to post the batch of transactions after the scene - only via the user border - tartan and official by the user.

? eOrder - this IIS ASP appliance was at the start free for all the platforms: MS SQL Server, Ctree and Btrieve (later on Invasive SQL 2000), in 1998 Great Plains Software made it free for MS SQL ma?tre d'h?tel only. eOrder was predecessor of contemporary eCommerce sites and all the attempts to convert eOrder were doubtful in the edition upgrade.

? . Net paradigm. As a substitute of inventing and assembly you use accepted eCommerce answer - . Net gives you the abundance to choice from assortment of food accessible on the market. This means that no more eOrders - you just need the connector which will allow you to adopt Great Plains stuff from your eCommerce application. As usual you are free to use your expression of choice: VB or C#

? eConnect. Yes - just - it was at the outset urban for eCommerce programmers. Later on eConnect was comprehensive on the adulthood of Great Plains modules, together with distributions

? Restrictions. As you see above - Great Plains allows you to attend to work tables only - this means that you can not post transactions using eConnect. Other reported issues were allied to Sales Order convey to Invoice/Backorder

? Custom Stored Procedures. Right - you have to use these custom SQL scripts to post transactions, fashioned with eConnect.

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