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Our hosted blend allow you to run your own examination engine. You can have your own exceptional examination engine such as travel, games,animals, medical, software, sports, music, cars or any other group you like. We can coin and host custom exploration engine for you by indexing only those sites which meets your elected category. You can also cliquey to index the whole web as a replacement for of some definite category.

To conceive a good-sized examination engine that can code name moderate interchange requires a fair total of hardware and bandwidth. It also compel full time programmers to assert and keep the index fresh. Regular company add in good-looking pages, indexing, updating and more. With our plan customers don't have to worry about the hard part of administration a hunt engine.

We are gift hunt engine software , hardware, bandwidth, and maintenance support, so you can only focus on bussiness advancement and not technical.

Not to allusion that it's a examination engine that will grow with you, allowing you to by a long shot add software machinery , plugins or build applications on it. So you get one authoritative exploration engine.

Intranet Deployments (SiteSearch) This hosting plan also apply for companies who want to index their websites.


* Adaptable - Customizable.

* Unbiased - Searches are not one-sided on everything but the importance of information.

* Dynamic Page Summaries - Judge consequence of fallout more by a long shot with dynamically generated oddments performance your query in the environment of the page.

* Cached Pages - View hunt fallout even when the sites are down via cached copies of pages built-in in the hunt results.

* Account for Link - Displays an clarification of how page is scored.

* Anchors - Shows the list of incoming anchors indexed for the page.

* Difficult Explore - Act upon complicated and clever queries.

* Clustering Consequentially categorizes explore domino effect on-the-fly into hierarchical clusters, so users can find in rank easily.

* Thumbshots - Did you know over 90% of users would like to see thumbnails in their choice examination engine? , with our custom examination engine clarification you will get this benefit free. Try here

A list of known file types we've experienced to date and found work are:

* Word

* Excel

* PowerPoint


* Text

* HTML Files

* Acrobat

* MP3

Spam Filtering Technology

Now ObjectsSearch clients have alternative to filter out their examination results.

This spam-filtering equipment is based on the Bayesian algorithm, as it at once relates to the Bayesian spam filters is been used in the ObjectsSearch Labs's hunt engine.

A Bayesian spam filter is a complicated algorithm used in estimating the probability or the likelihood that a selection of contented or background detected by Hunt Engine is in fact spam.

In its most basic format, the Bayesian spam filter determines if a bit "looks spammy" or if, on the other hand, it is applicable comfort that will truly help the user.

To a a variety of degree, the Bayesian algorithm has proven competent in the war alongside spam in the hunt engines. Being 'bombarded' by spam. Spam-filtering knowledge will defend the attribute and relevancy of examination results.

ObjectsSearch is still experimenting with its newly-implemented algorithm and that there are many chief adjustments that will need to be done to it to make it more efficient.

Omair Aasim

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