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Remember nice and abounding Clinton era? When you implemented innovative those old days accounting appliance - Great Plains Dynamics. And did a lot of customizations to fit your affair rations precisely. You still bring to mind the names of consultants and programmers who did the job and in all probability the name of the business - Great Plains reseller in your commerce metro. This circle more expected doesn't exist in the same form - also blocked the doors or merged and transformed to a touch else. When you tried to commerce previous programmers - they more possible nicely let you know that they do not do this any more - they got entirely altered job and profession. Great Plains Software was acquired by Microsoft and not part of Microsoft Affair Solutions. In old good days Great Plains Software was compelling care of popularizing its customization and emergent Great Plains Adroitness encoding expertise. At the moment Microsoft Affair Solutions has more concerns on merging all its ERP applications: Great Plains, Solomon, Navision, Axapta and assembly them run as one as a set of modules (project Green).

? Dex Programmers Pool. Well, you may say - anyhow let's place ad and look at five Dex programmers to desire from and make an upgrade to our exceedingly complex customization for Great Plains Dynamics on Invasive SQL. We'll move it to Microsoft Great Plains on MS SQL Ma?tre d' 2005. In about month you may apprehend that minion essentially replied to your ad and you got only connect of Indian offshore education companies common offers to agree to them software education you might need. Where are all the local Dex programmers. The key is - they more possible do not exist anymore

? Great Plains Customization Partners. Programmers were laid off and transformed their career to amazing else. Agility programmers still exist but they had to move and get a job with nation-wide Microsoft Great Plains Customization Partner. The same must be said about Great Plains Modifier/VBA, Continuum for VB and Delphi, ReportWriter and Great Plains Integration Administrator VBA programmers. These technologies, chiefly Agility find code brainwashing and call for generous dedication. In some cases these associates develop into development managers and lead offshore education force

? Offshore Developers. Even in the time of legendary Great Plains Software - a lot of third party modules were automatic and considered in Philippines - if you commit to memory Match Data Assignment Accounting - this business was purchased by Great Plains Software (interesting adequate that the rival was Intellisol Worldwide - Australian based company, later on moved to Fargo in hope of the luck). Then Great Plains division was transformed into Microsoft Affair Solutions Philippines and then blocked about 2002. At the present time the best Agility cause code brainwashing pool is concentrated there and in Australia. You may ask - how about tradition offshore places, such as India - yes - you can find a lot of MBS advancement companies in India, but in the case of Great Plains they might be short of Dex find code indoctrination expertise.

? How do I get back my Dex custom piece? You ought to in our estimation look for cheap nation-wide Great Plains customization partner, who has Dex assignment managers and offshore developers.

You can all the time attract to our help with your customization upgrade or modification, we use regional development director and developers in Philippines and Brazil! If you want us to do the job - give us a call 866-528-0577 or 630-961-5918! help@albaspectrum. com

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