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What is Interactive Mapping?

Interactive mapping is a visual demonstrate form which allows graphing, mapping, and even conversion to PDF of any type of information. This know-how is used by countrywide control agencies, airlines, chambers of commerce, ski resorts, and countless corporations to make in a row approachable and interactive to whomever they at hand the information.

Phone and acclaim card companies use interactive mapping to show billing information. Companies use it in reporting, forecasting, sales and marketing, and demonstrate retirement plan in order to its employees, using Dashboard, PopChart, Optimap, and Highwire skin for interactive and clean in sequence presentation and utilization, even on a abridged PC.

What can Interactive Mapping Do for You?

Interactive mapping involves so much more that just maps. Dashboard, Popchart, Optimap, and Highwire bestow interactive in rank in in effect any format: charts, graphs, pie charts, tables, etc.

In add-on to the examples given above, here are added ways to use interactive mapping.

Retail food can track revenue, returns, and patron in rank crossways geographical demographics.

Manufacturers can track dispensation times along the amount chain.

Electric companies can track generally usage in geographic regions.

The CIA World Factbook collects and presents geographical, population, and even cell phone usage athwart the world with interactive mapping.

Airlines track cancellations, fares, purchases, escape loading, and seating.

Land developers find geographical analysis of longitudes and latitudes for cities everyplace in the United States.

Businesses track receivables, payables, inventory, and sales.

Companies break down sales information according to product.

Corporations bring out stock reports.

Marketing algebraic personnel conceive charts and graphs, using functions.

Doctors find bane rates diagonally the United States.

Consumers track information and receipts.

Students view id like the US Constitution, involving to notes, comments, and references embedded in the text.

Is Interactive Mapping Equipment Congruent with Other Technology?

Yes. Interactive mapping has found a way to work hand in hand with technologies companies before now use. Interactive mapping is also compliant to PDF. Some examples of technologies with which interactive mapping tools can crossing point consist of HTML, FLASH, EMF, WAR, and XML.

Business, government, and didactic hearsay and informational presentations are constantly being fashioned and available with a assortment of technologies and applications before now free on the market. Papers produced with the same applications can be teamed up with interactive mapping tools to conceive a down-to-earth demonstrate of in a row with which companies and clients alike can interact.

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