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If you are to buy a HelpDesk & Asset Management software, see the subsequent checklist beforehand you conclude on one.

Comprehensive Help Desk Functionality

A good Help Desk effect can dramatically rise the productivity of the Help Desk Personnel (which in turn will rise the organisation's productivity as a whole). CPU users can be made to give in their desires by mail, phone or by means of the web edge provided by the product. These desires gathered centrally will be attended to by technicians (who before now are inevitably notified about the request). Adding up memos/notes to the desires & viewing the account of Wishes can help too.

Buildable Awareness Base (KB)

Even ahead of a criticism is registered, Users can be made to hunt a prebuilt KB which will conclusion in time savings for the Help Desk Personnel. The KB will also conclusion in growing the first call resolutions. The Help Desk personnel be supposed to be able to add on to, edit & cancel from the obtainable KB.

Asset Managenment

What is careful here as an organisation's Assets are characteristic hardware mechanism like PCs, Printers, Scanners etc & Accredited Software like MS Office, Adobe Photoshop etc. The consequence must allow these assets to be well tracked & their proceedings to be maintained - from their acquire till end-of-life. It be supposed to also allow easy software abandon tracking which will be part of the cause to a important cost reduction for the organisation.

Contracts (AMCs) Management

Most hardware gears in an IT organisation come under some Once a year Maintenance Plan. The effect you decide on must allow you to coin & be adamant a number of AMCs with the a choice of vendors. If the creation reminds you days ahead of a agreement ends (say, all the way through an auto-generated email), it will be an added advantage.


Your IT administrative area is constantly in need of spendable Hardware (floppies, CDs, laser copier ribbons, printers, PCs etc) and software. All these needs will be typically taken care by a break Asset Department. Flawless tracking concerning the two departments is an essentiality which will conclusion in in receipt of the mandatory needs on schedule & their optimal use. Also, see whether the consequence you elect lets you mail the Acquisition Commands to Vendors & track them too.


The artifact installation ought to go on like a breeze. Moreover, it be supposed to be put into company with nil to least opening configuration & all the facial appearance ought to be ingrained with no extra change effort.

User forthcoming UI

The artifact you are looking at must have a very user gracious client border as it'll be used by all employees in your organisation. The UI must be austere & at the same time offer easy-to-use features. If the artifact is web enabled, it'll make belongings much more easier - any user can login from everywhere using just a browser.

Pricing & Licensing

Most Help Desk food in the bazaar are prohibitively costly with many buried costs linked with them. Coupled with this, the products' licensing models can be deadly to be au fait with & implement. Make sure the artifact you desire offers inexpensive pricing with an easy licensing model.

AdventNet's ServiceDesk Plus offers to solve all the above & has much more to offer. The creation is free at a very inexpensive price initial from $495 & there's a Free Copy too that can cope 25 Workstations. For advance information, mail to sales@adventnet. com or visit http://www. servicedeskplus. com

Natarajan Aravind
Market Analyst
http://www. servicedeskplus. com

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