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It is certainly exciting that a bug can conceive catch for a erudite anyone even the bug is not alive. One day my one alone was effective and a bug fashioned much problem. It was not easy to track the bug. evrytime bug was challenging any other assorted problem.

What is bug : When there is a defect in a software program, we call it a bug. If we start the consequence and it crashes, there is a bug. If one find a typo in the help system, that's careful a bug too. The arrive which is about software challenge is called software conundrum account (SPR), which is the same as a bug report.

What is bug tracking: A bug tracking arrangement is calculated to track the bug. It is measured as a database. The bug tracking may be home-based or it may be a ad system. In any case, a bug is entered as a background in the database, where it can be assessed and tracked. The user edge for bug tracking commonly consist of traversable views and forms for expurgation accessible bug hearsay or journalism new ones. In bug tracking a distinctive login ID and password is provided to every user. When a user writes a bug, adds explanation or changes a category field, a good bug tracking arrangement will log the ID of the person, creating or amending the record. That is the way a true description of a bug article for bug tracking is maintained. One of the most central attribute of bug tracking is keyword searching. For case in point while reduction a file any user finds a crash bug. The bug tracking arrangement software must have the ability to act a keyword exploration on "crash and file".

Bug components:

Bug number

Short description

Product / assignment name

Product version

Build number

Fixed Build number

Steps to reproduce


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