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Manufacturing solutions for microsoft great plains ? overview for consultant - software


Microsoft Big business Solutions Great Plains has full-featured manufacturing set of modules. In this small critique we would like to give you highlights on what kinds of light customization you could deploy, ahead of jumping into Microsoft Great Plains Manufacturing realm. Great Plains Manufacturing is under attack to discrete manufacturing clientele, which is contrary to course of action manufacturing - food processing, mining, together with precious metals/gold/platina, oil and gas / chemicals / agriculture. Manufacturing from accounting stand point is heartbreaking array into work in development and then into completed goods. And this is where we have deep-seated differentiation concerning discrete and course manufacturing.

? Barcoding - this would be the help in allocating your account to the manufacturing activity. We saw clients who were asking about full-featured manufacturing, but later on we realized that they were envisioning barcode scanning citizens on foot all the way through their warehouse

? Bill of Equipment - well if barcoding doesn't do the job for you - you be supposed to look if Bill of Resources module will automate your operations. In Bill of Resources you could agenda light manufacturing. We saw the machinery manufacturing/assembly client in Chicago area who asked us to help them phase out Kiwell manufacturing, for the reason that of high once a year maintenance cost. So - our belief is if you are manufacturing client in the USA - you must in all probability first look at the outsourcing part of the affair - if 90% of manufacturing of going to China - you be supposed to care about Great Plains Bill of Supplies module implementation only with light manufacturing extensions

? ERP/ Capability arrangement - well this is were you have to bear in mind manufacturing suite. Great Plains Manufacturing has accomplished set of discrete manufacturing modules: Bill of Materials, ERP Amount Planning, Cost Center.

? Reporting. In our estimation the best way to save software money is to change abundantly priced module with analogous reporting. Treatment is moderately static, but in its prints outs it allows you to avoid costly allow fee (if you choose on SAP or Foreshadowing Financials - this will triple your software expenses)

Good luck and you can constantly seek our help in customization, implementation, integration and support. Call us: 1-866-528-0577 or 1-630-961-5918, help@albaspectrum. com

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