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Sql scripts for cast accounting: microsoft great plains chain ? overview for developer - software


Microsoft Affair Solutions Great Plains has Cast Accounting module where you can account the project, assign it to consumer agreement and then log expenses, timesheets, array spending, and as a final point bill the consumer alongside the endeavor or contract. Microsoft Great Plains Development Accounting does admirable job, but there are cases when you need developer or MS SQL DB Admin touches.

? The first handwriting transfers merchant and sales territory from Client master file to Endeavor master table

update PA01101 set SLPRSNID=b. SLPRSNID, SALSTERR=b. SALSTERR from PA01101 a join RM00101 b on a. CUSTNMBR=b. CUSTNMBR where a. SLPRSNIDb. SLPRSNID or a. SALSTERRb. SALSTERR

? The back scripts unlocks Assignment Accounting user, this rare and funny one - actually hard to get it from Microsoft Affair Solutions Tech Aid site:

delete PA000001 where userid='put user id here'

? The third characters is actually far ahead one - it is for users difficult to place billing deal with with acquaintance info on the PA bill of lading form at the base division - attend to comes from Bond - not from the project

Updates Core Bill To Adopt Code for Billing bill of lading to be the one from Agree to Master table, instead of Basic Billing Concentrate on Code from Customer

update PA13100 set PRBTADCD=c. PRBTADCD from PA13100 a join PA13200 b on a. PADocnumber20=b. PADocnumber20 join PA01201 c on b. PAPROJNUMBER=c. PAPROJNUMBER

/* update PA13100 set PRBTADCD=c. PRBTADCD from PA13100 a join PA13200 b on a. PADocnumber20=b. PADocnumber20 join PA01101 c on b. PACONTNUMBER=c. PACONTNUMBER */ /* Fill user clear 1 on the Billing HDR to call character from the apt buyer master concentrate on rec. */ update PA13100 set PAUD1 = left(b. CNTCPRSN,20) from PA13100 a join RM00102 b on a. CUSTNMBR = b. CUSTNMBR and a. PRBTADCD = b. ADRSCODE

Good luck with customization and support, if you have issues or concerns - we are here to help! If you want us to do the job - give us a call 1-630-961-5918 or 1-866-528-0577! help@albaspectrum. com

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