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Are you ready? SQL Head waiter 2005, the next-generation data management and breakdown software from Microsoft, will cede augmented scalability, availability, and confidence to venture data and investigative applications. SQL Attendant 2000 Exposure Air force is a comprehensive, server-based treatment blend that can author, manage, and bring both paper-oriented and interactive, Web-based reports.

Develop beat accepting of Microsoft . NET Developer Tools

2. ) ROI and Affair Value of Microsoft SQL Attendant & SQL Coverage Services

In this session, we'll take a look at expert and big business scenarios where Microsoft SQL Ma?tre d' & SQL Treatment Armed forces endow with value. We'll show you how to make basic value quantifications based upon those scenarios. David will also analysis the value proposition and promotion points for Microsoft SQL Attendant & SQL Coverage Services. The key portion of this gathering will consist of foreword to and instruction on a value-based tool urban for the definite aim of accelerating SQL Ma?tre d' implementations. This education will consist of guidance on how to arrangement the outcome with your customers. In depth demonstration.

Speaker: David Kirkman, MCSE+I and Partner Mechanical Specialist accountable for partner industrial sales eagerness and affair case advance for Northern California Small-Midmarket Solutions & Partners. 9 years in expertise as a mechanical cast manager, and commerce case developer.

3. ) Microsoft . NET Developer Tools

During this assembly you will learn how Partners can influence developer tools and technologies to capitalize on patron bang with nominal investment. How the next age band of tools from Microsoft will become more intense efficiency in education projects; arise a advance appreciation and dream for Visual Studio . NET and Microsoft . NET.

Speaker: Marc Wolfson is a Developer Elucidation Specialist on the Developer and Platform Evangelism. Marc has been with Microsoft for four years focusing exclusively on Developer Tools and technologies. Marc is dependable for behind a good for your health developer eco-system in Northern California highlighting the productivity of Microsoft's developer tools as well as the ease of integrating Microsoft Platforms Technology. Marc was one of the founders and Chief Technologist of Nextera, expertise consulting firm acquired by Acquaintance Universe in 1999. While at Nextera, Marc provided advancement and platform architecture guidance to many fate 500 customers. While at Nextera, Marc served on the Microsoft Partner Advisory Commission for developer technologies plus the foundation of . NET and C#. Marc has over 20 years of come across in the conscientiousness and has guided customers by means of the client-server trend, Big business Administer Engineering, Workflow and Authenticate Imaging, the foreword of the Web, Year 2000, Dot Com explosion and implosion, and the adoption of XML, . NET and Java technologies.

Jeff Steinmetz is a Elder Knowledge Specialist for Microsoft. Jeff has been operational with SQL Attendant since account 4. 2, and has co-authored books such as "Microsoft SQL Head waiter Unleashed", "Microsoft SQL Ma?tre d'h?tel Encoding Unleashed", and "Microsoft Agency Unleashed". He has been a amplifier at notable actions such as TechEd and Comdex.

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