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Logistics computerization is often careful as barcoding additional room to Sales Order Processing, Acquire Order Processing, Catalog Check modules. Software extensions makers may argue with this simplification, but financial statement answer works faithfully like barcoding annex and is by and large done via Great Plains Dexterity, Modifier with VBA and SQL stored procedures. If your ballet company is looking for implementing automated account bin/item call for somebody and conveyer - then you need focused software. In spite of this if you just foresee your warehouse human resources with barcode scanners - then read this clause to absorb your options with Microsoft Commerce Solutions Great Plains.

? Warehouse Automation. When you are looking for warehouse management mechanization - you ought to do research contribute chain management applications existing on the market. As a rule they are classy and besieged to large logistics clients. You can use Microsoft Great Plains array module features, such as locations or sites, serial/lot come to tracking, list count, array transfers and amalgamate these with clean VB-based barcoding to feed papers from your barcode scanners to Great Plains directly.

? Random Weight. Food allotment - you might be purchasing food in cases or other adjustable burden units and resell them in pounds or kilograms to end customer. So - you need analogous quantities tracking with maybe consecutive numbering for each case. This is characteristic customization for Inventory, Sales Order Dealing out (SOP) and Asset Order Giving out (POP) modules in Great Plains. It must be done in Great Plains Adroitness to bestow flawless boundary for GP users. In add-on to analogous burden events (cases and pounds) you may also need be around consequence be in command of to check issues with your warehouse workers

? Recurring Client Orders. You may assume out that best part of your customers order the same items each time with accepted intervals. In this case you can have buyer average order check to automate order taking. Plus - you may have linked and substitute items logic incorporated in this screen.

? Automated Shipments. If you sell on delivery - you may easily send trucks to your customers every day with suggested blend of items, based on chronological data - day of the week, holidays, cyclic variations, etc. And barcode could help you in consequential alternative label printing and allocation

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