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Microsoft Great Plains serves the wide spectrum of horizontal markets. Great Plains could be painstaking as ERP platform, which you could increase with third party modules or build up with your own in-house custom functionality. The best advance would be cheap and balanced blend of accessible modules and new custom logic. In this small condition we'll give some highlights on Microsoft Commerce Solutions Great Plains implementation and setup in Oil & Gas industry, exceptionally for companies, specializing in off-shore platform installation and drilling.

? Fixed/Production Assets. Crude oil and gas creation is a decidedly asset intensive activity, all the assets: wellheads, drills, offshore platform itself, etc. must be consistently and appropriately maintained. No wonder, that juice assembly is 24x7 with minimum downtime for repair, to boost crop formed and to decrease costs. In Microsoft Great Plains you can develop code of Fixed Assets module, where you decline your large assets - such as platform itself plus Great Plains Manufacturing with the importance on Ability Store Planning. Bearing in mind that it is not a real manufacturing, but instead allocation of your creation assets and time - you could use Great Plains Assignment Accounting just to allocate resources, or even Great Plains Adroitness customization to serve funds allocation and assignment to the cost centers

? Logistics. Oil & Gas creation is under the austere security and environmental principles and chuck at the company, business and legislative levels. These necessities imply best practices and efficiency in logistics, from procurement of resources to the receipt of those supplies at the important wellsite - the right materials, right on time, at the right location. In Microsoft Great Plains you use Array (IV), Sales Order Giving out (SOP) and Buy Order Doling out (POP) modules to automate your Logistics via Barcoding, automated shipping/receiving, etc. You bloc these technologies: Great Plains Dexterity, VB/VBA (Barcoding appraisal and uploading to GP), MS SQL scripting, . Net web publishing.

? Production Phases. Drilling, Water/Gas research for injection, oil processing, cleaning, leaks monitoring - these could be set up as phases in your light manufacturing or cast accounting module. You will need custom logic to be implemented in Great Plains Dexterity.

? Market Size. Estimated amount of offshore drilling platforms worldwide is about 7,000. In progress trend is total expenses reduction, which in turn encourages companies management to revise ERP efficiency and cost plus consider the evolution in cpu technologies.

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