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Each Commerce and promote niche has commerce certain and distinctive food to ERP/Accounting System. Microsoft Affair Solutions Great Plains is ERP platform, ready for third party modules additions and customizations, plus being SQL Server-based arrangement it opens you wide spectrum of integration options and tools. In this small commentary we'll give you Microsoft Great Plains implementation and setup highlights, archetypal for Earrings retail network.

? Fixed Assets. Earrings seller owns the arrangement of bracelets retail outlets and each one has more or less costly set of fixed assets: counters, holders, computers, etc. Band has to track each characteristic Fixed Asset item and deflate it accordingly: for IRS, State and in all probability more than a few in-house business management accounting decline scenarios and methods: above-board line, DDB, etc. Due to the fact of reselling precision metals: gold, silver, gem pebbles and diamonds - you must assume conventional audit from IRS and State authorities. Decrease plays generous portion of company's non-cash expenses and so ought to be 100% accurate. Bonus challenges - bonus depreciation, introduced more than a few years ago. Plus you must have across-the-board coverage on FA locations by store and region.

? EDI purchasing. In Great Plains you must be able to order your array via Electronic Authenticate Exchange (EDI) mechanism. You have numerous options to apprehend EDI - the simplest would be Asset Order construction in Great Plains Asset Order Processing/Receiving module and then exporting them into text EDI-fixed-length biddable format. This text file must be forwarded to your supplier and in Great Plains POP you set flags for POs being sent to your vendor

? Retail Management Coordination integration. In the case when you use Microsoft RMS Store Operations and Center of operations - you be supposed to believe not to be faulted integration of your daily transactions into Microsoft Great Plains Sales Order Doling out (SOP) or Receivables Management (RM) modules. The integration is realized as a set of MS SQL Attendant stored procedures. The other way would be employ both Purchasing and Array count on RMS Store Operations/Headquarters level and integrate Broad-spectrum Ledger transactions only. If you have only one Great Plains Business - you can arrange RMS->GP integration utility, advent to you with RMS asset and assist CDs.

? Reporting. In both cases - Great Plains and RMS acquiescence treatment must be realized in Gem Intelligence and the best way and aim style is creating SQL views and stored procedures and basing bang on these views and procs.

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Andrew Karasev is Chief Know-how Administrator at Alba Spectrum Technologies ( http://www. albaspectrum. com ), helping Microsoft Great Plains, CRM, Navision to mid-size and large clients in California, Illinois, New York, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Washington, Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan

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