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Microsoft great plains worldwide implementation ? usa / mexico ? overview for consultant - software


Microsoft Commerce Solutions Great Plains was purchased from Great Plains Software and Great Plains Software itself had bright worldwide marketing plans and campaigns. If we look back to 1990th - we'll see that GPS had Multilanguage aid and Great Plains Dynamics / Dynamics C/S+ was local and translated into manifold languages, as well as Spanish. Localization means not only the translation, but also adaptation to definite local countryside tax rules (Sales Tax versus Value Added Tax VAT, GST, definite payroll taxes, etc. ). Let's bear in mind average case when we see global ballet company with h. q. and circulation centers in the US and manufacturing and purchasing in Mexico

? Multicurrency. As we count on to do the big business in Mexican pesos - all the Asset Orders, Vendor Invoices, Some sales invoices (what we sell to the mother business in the USA, for example) will be avowed in Peso. But the Mexican ballet company will bang in USD and its economic statements will be in US$ for consolidation and coverage in the USA. At the moment you as a rule see this work done in FRx fiscal reporting, where Mexican capacity will be a leaf of the FRX treatment tree. In any case - all the chronological barter rates will be recorded (you can also build Web Service, updating these rates from the in print barter rates). In Great Plains you do it by locale USD as functional currency and issuing docs in Peso and then revaluating and rearrangement Gain or Loss on multicurrency transactions to GL

? Sales Tax/VAT. Mexico uses VAT, which is very conventional also in Europe. But if in Europe it is by and large incorporated in the price list - Mexico may use both approaches. Great Plains has appealing all-inclusive VAT support.

? Spanish Alphabet. Is supported and you can have both English description in the US and Spanish adaptation in Mexico effective of the same Great Plains environment

? Central Location. You can host your Great Plains installation in the US and have Mexican users associated over the aloof desktop connection. Bear in mind Windows 2003 Depot attendant licenses. Some functionality could be realized by means of Microsoft Affair Gateway - which is web-based application. The other way is to have ma?tre d' in Mexico and have more or less easy on the pocket Microsoft Great Plains data be consolidated with Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft based approach in the USA.

Good luck with aid and if you have issues or concerns - we are here to help! If you want us to do the job - give us a call 1-630-961-5918 or 1-866-528-0577! help@albaspectrum. com

Andrew is a Great Plains specialist in Alba Spectrum Technologies ( http://www. albaspectrum. com ) - USA all over the country Great Plains, Microsoft CRM customization company, portion clients in Mexico-city, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Miami, New Orleans, Toronto, Montreal and having locations in compound states and internationally

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