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Microsoft Big business Solutions Great Plains has ample bazaar share and biting aid by Microsoft on the US market. Now we see the trend in the vertical markets when companies with custom-built accounting application, commonly in print on birthright platform are switching to accepted and proven ERP blend and adapt or tailor it to fit their vertical advertise requirements. We'll be publishing cycle of vertical articles: Logistics, Circulation Centers, Warehouse Management, Barcoding, Shipping/Receiving, eCommerce, EDI, Wholesale. Today we'll give you Across-the-board tailoring scenario

Sales Order Dispensation improvements to work with large add up to of extensive order takers:

1. Sales Order Doling out stand alone Great Plains Ability application, which works with Microsoft Great Plains SQL databases to feed in orders. This application, in print as from abrasion Ability appliance doesn't requires hundreds of Great Plains user licenses and will work with SOP tables with superior functionality

2. Online Sales Annals by Customer. If you are order taker and this is comprehensive big business - each consumer has a variety of level of negotiated price, which it is comfortable to pay. Also this buyer is ordering known set of crop from you. It is nice to have list of past items he planned in the past a number of months and their negotiated prices

3. Recommend Items to your customer. You can by far conceive items to advocate logic, when you link your new items or connected items with the items your patron is as a rule ordered. This is how Amazon book sale works!

4. Sales Citizens Competition. In addendum to the above online sales tools you can have be around profitability of the item per dot and by sales anyone (assuming negotiation scenarios). Here you can have logic implemented allowing a few level of negotiation room and adjustable commission, associated to beefy negotiation and sales skills

Considering Microsoft Great Plains - best part of the logic above is implemented and could be implemented in Great Plains Dexterity. Choice platform would be Microsoft C# or VB. Net ASPX web training with Microsoft Great Plains at the back end. You can use such tools as eConnect to work with Great Plains aim conception and retrieving or go ahead with absolute SQL Stored Procedure. To a variety of level you could use inheritance technologies, such as Great Plains Modifier with Continuum for VB, VBA scripting, etc.

Good luck and you can continually seek our help in customization, implementation, integration and support. Call us: 1-866-528-0577 or 1-630-961-5918, help@albaspectrum. com

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