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Microsoft Great Plains - ERM from Microsoft Affair Solutions and formerly Great Plains Software is cute generic with its average set of modules: GL, BR, AR, AP, IV, SOP, POP and US Payroll. However, having about twelve years of implementation and customization chronicle - Great Plains Dynamics, Dynamics C/S+, eEnterprise being Great Plains Adroitness on paper attention has been and still is alluring core platform for third party software advance companies to write vertical and horizontal modules, on paper as well in Great Plains Dexterity. If you have Microsoft Great Plains implemented or under the implementation be supposed to have your options in construction in-house or outsourced customizations to fit your vertical activity needs. Let's bear in mind consignment, barcoding and distribution/warehouse management

1. Consignment Sales & Habitual Sales. If your big business is bakery, sandwiches or ice cream assembly - you in all probability send inveterate daily shipments / trucks to your customers on consignment. You need perfect coordination with daily predictions and approval on the lot size, based on past data: day of the week, season, holiday, etc. This is very all the rage Ability customization, big business with SOP (Sales Order Processing) and IV (Inventory Control) modules

2. Trucks Scheduling / Distribution. In the case of shipment sales you may have your own fleet of trucks. Then for each truck you be supposed to have SOP information batch and you need to print alternative tickets. You ought to first print the alternative tickets for the best ever route and then one-by-one up to the straight route. This is also Agility customization for SOP module.

3. Barcoding, Warehouse Management. Lot amount tracking, Receiving, Order Fulfillment, Account assign and Cycle Count could be automated with Barcoding. Barcode scanner could automate pick list allocation by conception first pick list amount and then scan items and quantities - and doing so - allocate Items for Sales Order in Sales Order Processing. As a rule you write Visual Basic concentration or custom to work with the scanner and then commune with Microsoft Great Plains SQL list - more exactly - with Sales Order and Catalog tables: SOP10100. SOP10200, IV00100

4. Wholesale - daily sales and comparisons, profit by item and salesperson. Yes - all these calculations could be pulled from SOP past and work tables, item sales analysis, etc. You can position Precious stone Intelligence and even Datawarehousing answer to pivot your cube. If you need fixed amount of information and criteria - you may need again Adroitness or . Net concentration to coordinate exposure data

Considering Microsoft Great Plains - bulk of the logic above is implemented and could be implemented in Great Plains Dexterity. Different platform would be Microsoft C# or VB. Net ASPX web brainwashing with Microsoft Great Plains at the back end. You can use such tools as eConnect to work with Great Plains balk concept and retrieving or go ahead with absolute SQL Stored Procedure. To a few level you could use inheritance technologies, such as Great Plains Modifier with Continuum for VB, VBA scripting, etc.

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