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File guru james f. koopmann reviews dbxtra treatment and query tool - software


DBxtra is a athletic query and treatment tool that hides many of the difficulty and expert expertise necessary for creating acquaintances to disband data sources, house queries, deceitful reports, and administration in order all through an project or to your client base.

With the aptitude to attach to manifold databases or data sources at the same time, DBxtra allows for cross platform data aggregation and the capability to key questions that would typically take IT time to migrate data into a lone treatment database. By means of brawny query and filtering mechanisms users have the capability to browse and accomplish fine grained retrieval of data to fulfil comprehensive commerce questions.

DBxtra uses a cast level accost and Traveler type tree assembly to catalog list and DBxtra items that facilitates the construction queries and reports. This voyager tree arrangement drastically improves the reusability of objects, speed in contact to information, and reduces the man-hours essential to aim and churn out following reports.

The construction of information can be bent in a array of formats together with HTML, Microsoft Excel, CSV, XML, or PDF with the choice to be merged into custom-made E-mails. Also accessible is a visual article designer where your amount of formatting options can be employed to bring into being just the right look for your report.

DBxtra comes very close to their goal of "no training or file comprehension required". All the while creating a new breed of power end-users.

Getting comfortable with DBxtra

How a artifact "feels" is at all times a big affect when delivering a effect that will in point of fact advance the productivity of end users and bring down the burden on IT. I for my part like to try a creation not including appraisal the documentation. While I have years of encounter as a DBA, analyst, developer, and data modeler I honestly try to block all that in a row out of my mind to "feel" what it would be like to carry on under imperfect expectations. The only mind-block I considered necessary to get over was amplify clicking on matter to activate their usage. Honestly if I would have read the help on the top and floor of the screens this could have been eliminated.

DBxtra has a very nice step by step approach, about like an Fit Armor approach, that drives you all through concept of queries and reports. Once receiving use to clicking by means of this stepwise advance I was shop queries and hearsay faster than I could think of examples to model. All of which I didn't need to know everything about data models other than identification of which catalog my tables where. The only folder modeling concepts that end users need to appreciate are tables, columns, joins, filters, sorting, and collect functions. All of which are very teachable and most end users absorb a large compartment of these concepts.

DBxtra comes with a load of credentials counting tutorials and video streams. All of which are very advantageous and will walk you all the way through the major skin texture of this product. I watched all the tutorial videos and pulled out up some constructive hints on how to use the product. It is very abnormal for vendors to go to this chunk to educate their end users. I read this as a true dedication on the vendor's side to make sure you are able to use the creation and it not to develop into shelf-ware. Very admirable!

Another exercise aid is the delivery of a check out data source, with queries, reports, and schedules. This allows you to at once dive into the consequence and get a good feel for the artifact exclusive of ever emotive your data sources. Of choice you will finally want to construct some queries and gossip adjacent to your databases as there is nobody change for the better for formative the effectiveness and usefulness than as your own data.

Corporate Profile
Quanticus S. A. de C. V. is a software developer located in Quertaro, Mxico. We have more then 10 years come into contact with in mounting file software tools and ERP software for the small and avenue sized company. Our staff includes 4 administrative, 8 sales, 6 aid and 12 developers people. The business was recognized about 4 years ago. The creation DBxtra was free November 2004. Morelos 166B Col. Centro Quertaro, Qro. C. P. 76000 Mxico Tel. : +52 (442) 215 44 96 USA: (201) 399 22 18

Problems Solved

Can your end users get to the data they need? How often do they need to wait for a developer to endow with assistance in the extraction of vital information? It does not be important if you are part of the executive team or an end user. Often times when you want to get to in order from a catalog or constrained classification you need to apply for work to be done on your behalf. You are at the mercy of your IT staff and in exact developers, data analysts, data administrators.

With DBxtra end users are freethinking from the ever-increasing queue that is practiced every time they need IT staff to bring into being information or drag data. DBxtra allows users to contact manifold data sources in break up file systems and pull in sequence from these sources in a systematic pint and click fashion. The ease in which it is to churn out reports, and more outstandingly alter intelligence when big business rules change, will have a far-reaching blow and amplified productivity for your end users while also dropping the burden on IT.

Since DBxtra can bond to most any file or data source, you can afford a tool the is truly cross-platform independent. This in point of fact reduces the toolset required, provides a free approach point to data, and reduces guidance requirements.

Who ought to use it

Anyone who wants to be the source of class intelligence or just query data in an ad hoc manor can charity performance from DBxtra. With a brawny toolset DBxtra assists end users as well as the IT staff. in the category and processes about crucial where in sequence is, how it is retrieved, and who needs the information. Developers, analysts, and DBAs will allowance from this tool as they interrogate data crossways many systems.

Working with DBxtra

Below is free with my experiences running with the DBxtra product. While the demos and tutorials take you all the way through many of the article set it is approvingly suggested you use the effect to see how it works in your environment.

When you first start up DBxtra you are prompted to agree to the authority accord and then need to conceive a DBxtra catalog for housing reports. In the address list you bring to house the DBxtra file a new address list will be fashioned along with a . mdb (Microsoft database) file. While using DBxtra extra directories and files may be formed in this directory. I was then prompted to coin an commissioner password for the Microsoft catalog and then compulsory to login. These few setup procedures and only need to be done once and were not time intensive.

All work is done all the way through projects and you will need to construct one ahead of producing any arrive or querying any data. After you have clear a cast you can delimit the associations to databases and add list bits and pieces to use inside the newly produced project. I was very happy to encounter an error free apparatus for creating acquaintances to Oracle, SQL Server, and Microsoft Excel.

After important a development and accumulation list items to it you are then put into the Data Explorer. The Data Traveler is the heart of the clerical arrangement for DBxtra where you approach and place items such as file objects, reports, and queries. Data Voyager is a tree arrange that, as you get accustomed with the toolset, allows for easy retrieval and quick admission to beforehand distinct objects. At this point it is a nice place to click the "Show Data" choice and prove to by hand the ease at which DBxtra can dig out in rank from another data sources. You may also at this point get customary with one of the more brawny filtering machine all through the "Show field values" option. With this attribute you can dig up morals for an article that can be used in equality matches on columns. Just click the "Show field values" box, cliquey a field for the equality operation, and magically you can use the drop down list and assign a value for the equality. Athletic and very user-friendly. Now just hit the "Show Data" fasten to arrival the filtered consequence set.

Query Engineer allows for the classification and discount of queries contained by the Data Voyager tree structure. Important a query is accomplished by means of designation the query, selecting data sources, selecting matter for the query, construction association and filters where necessary, and then maybe organization the data. As you use DBxtra you will soon announcement that tabs diagonally the top of the screens award the order in which you be supposed to follow. It is an easy approximate to classify the article or modus operandi you are house and very intuitive at the same time. I for myself like belongings that have a convinced flow and DBxtra provides that for me.

Building gossip where again just as easy. Just abide by the handwriting existing in the tabs on the screen. Hearsay have the capability to be exported to text, XML, PDF, Microsoft Excel, and HTML. A exceptional attribute of the DBxtra is to export the article to a Microsoft Excel pivot table and chart where the Excel table is pre-built with a continuous association to the data sources. Every time the list is rationalized and the user of the Excel article presses the refresh do up the data in the worksheet is also updated.

Other options that I did not try were the E-mailing and scheduling of reports. I did watch the demos and looked at the screens. Again the communal thread of the step by step tabular attempt existed in these options and thus accessible no surprises. An exciting aspect was the aptitude to write a clear-cut e-mail merge company that allows for the carriage of a bang in an email while tailoring the e-mail on merge fields for personalization.

Hardware / Software Requirements

? Processor 600Mhz
? 128 MB RAM
? 25 MB accessible space on hard disk drive
? Microsoft Windows 98 SE or later
? Microsoft Excel 97 & Outlook 97 for privileged level features

Download and Installation

You can get a free 15 day trial off DBxta's web site at http://www. DBxtra. com/DBxtra/registro. asp

If you would like to keep in touch with DBxtra and catch some free aid and other advantageous in sequence about using the artifact while you are in trial then you must give them your name. But name registration is not essential for the free trial. As an attractive attribute to the download, if you choose to not acquire by the end of the trial the creation deprecates itself from the Expert Book into the Free Edition. I have never seen this beforehand and like the idea since you don't need to worry about removing the product. Plus at the end of the trial you still have a artifact that is usable. The download and installation went very fast with a clean and very few clicks to fit the software.


There are three apparent food for DBxtra that add in a standard, professional, and article viewer. After a trial episode of 15 days the creation deprecates to a free version. Pricing is at present accessible for a definite assenting user and you are given price breaks as the come to of acquiescent users increase. This ranges from about 25%-33% depending on how many licenses you buy. Also to note is that the accredit is for acquiescent users and not for installed copies of DBxtra. This means that you can fit in all places and use where you like. The pricing is very cheap in my estimation and depending on the digit of licenses you acquire you can put the power of data extraction into end users for less than $150 USD. Aid is free as are upgrades for year 2005.

Rudolf Vanek

See more information: http://www. dbxtra. com

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