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Microsoft great plains sop: sales order dispensation - software


Microsoft Big business Solutions Great Plains is marketed for mid-size companies as well as Navision (which has very good positions in Europe and emerging markets where it can be by far localized).

Great Plains Sales Order Giving out (SOP) module forms a third of the core List and Order Dispensation part of Great Plains. SOP allows you to administer the intact sales process, from start to finish, with identify accuracy. This makes you clever of helping top customers more effectively, observe completion and invoicing and more precisely, and modernize processes to diminish shipping costs and labor.

The SOP module builds stronger association among you and your customers by optimizing the invoicing and allotment deal with which speeds examination and order deliveries and reduces errors. Work the way you want by central tracking numbers, in rank fields, fulfilled quantities, and other order entry functions to fit your needs.


? Repeating Credentials - Save time and help guarantee accurateness by transferring in rank from an obtainable sales order to a new sales order.

? Ship to by Line - Speed time to carriage all through manifold ship-to addresses on an characteristic order. Send each line item on an order to a altered site for that customer, reduction order entry time and consolidating tasks for nearer throughput.

? Credit Card Payment Giving out - Avoid delays and costly errors by dealing out sales guidelines and belief card authorizations devoid of charging the card or recognizing revenue until the order ships.

? Multiple Site Allocation - Control account shortages by allocating array from many sites for the same item, as well as options counting substation, overriding, or promotion the balance.

? Prospective Customers- Track and administer capability customers as prospects, break from free accounts.

? Routine Papers - Coin customary id such as quotes, orders, and invoices, or more center ones like sales assay reports, in print or on-screen formats. Electronic hunt capabilities help guarantee you find the in sequence you need.

? Single Chance Entry-Improve invoicing efficiency with single-window entry for rationalized approach to all vital information, as well as batch doling out and easy come back transaction processing.

? Cross Module Study - Keep the most critical in a row in front of you while drilling down for more details; construction examination crossways Microsoft Affair Solutions-Great Plains applications; or bringing up consumer payment, shipping, and billing information.

? Kit Items - Conceive kit items (groups of items regularly sold as a free unit) in the Catalog module and sell them because of Sales Order Processing.

? Information Availability - By a long shot locate amount ordered, back ordered, earlier invoiced, lost and allocated in rank about an item by accessing the Sales Extent Class window.

? Unlimited Course of action Holds - Define, review, or adjust an ad nauseam come to of administer holds to sales documents.

? Sale of Discontinued Items (Option) - Deal with list more in actual fact with elective settings that check discontinued items from being entered on a quote, order, back order, or invoice.

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