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After bearing in mind many citizens criticize about their weak Internet collateral I categorical to write down some belongings that will help you for your Internet security.

First, here are some tips to make windows safer :

For basic confidence and inform patches bed in Advantage Pack 2 for Windows XP or Benefit Pack 4 for Windows 2000.

Once a month use Windows Inform so you can get the hottest pacthes.

When you download software from the Internet make sure you download it from the first website.

Always run anti Trojan and anti virus software.

Even if you don't use it you have to make your Internet Traveler as safe as possible.

When you admission the Internet you are browsing the web using a browser such as Internet Explorer. The Internet Surveyor contains more than a few defense vulnerabilities. You must make it as safe as achievable or change your evade browser to an alternative. You will have to set some options from the Cope Add-Ons in the Internet Options. You will see a list of add-ons that can be activated or deactivated. If you see any curious entries just disengage them so you can be sure you don't have a trojan/worm.

Under Internet Options -> Collateral -> Internet -> you will see the Edit Level. You must set it to high in order to disable most of the guarantee threats.

Your Web Browser ought to be ok now. Let's see what we have to do from our email point of view.

Because it's built-in in their Windows arrangement lots of users like to use Outlook Definite for emailing. But it's a fact that it contains many guarantee vulnerabilities so I direct you to use alternatives. If you use a web based Email (you can browse your email with your web browser) you can cross out viruses even if you don't download them to your PC.

Make sure you have installed an Anti Virus for 100% virus protection. One that I've found to be very good and never disappointed me is the AVG Anti virus. If you take the time to consistently inform it you will be safe an adequate amount of with it.

Lots of citizens bed in Firewalls since they belive their Internet collateral will be higher. I personaly disagree. If you do not know how to best configure it, and you have to know much about the tech after it to do so, it will just make your PC slow and software not working. You can just use the Windows XP SP2 firewall for basic security.

All this tips must make your PC safer. I browse the Internet every lone day for some time now and they worked great for me. I haven't met a virus/worm for some time now.

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